Gemoris Cream (IN) – Herbal cream for hemorrhoids


Gemoris Cream – Used for the treatment of hemorrhoids as well as for its prevention:

  • Herbal creams treat hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other inflammatory rectal diseases.
  • Gemoris cream has a powerful venotonic effect.
  • In just 21 days, it completely eliminates major hemorrhagic nodes.
  • 6-7 days is sufficient for the treatment of minor cracks and inflammation.
  • The ingredients of this cream disinfect the anal area and prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Price: 1990 INR

1. Excellent uses of Gemoris Cream:

  • Eliminate the problems of hemorrhoids (as well as recurrent hemorrhoids).
  • Fixed fissures in the anus.
  • Instant relief of anal discomfort, irritation and itching.
  • Prevent rectal prolapse.
  • Able to completely eliminate hemorrhoid knots.
  • Its effects are antiseptic, wound healing, decongestants and anti-inflammatory.
  • The main cause of hemorrhoids – removal of blood clotting in the anal area.
  • Suitable ingredients: Boric acid, turmeric, zinc oxide, vitriol, olive oil.

The main factors that cause hemorrhoids:

  • Genetic.
  • Working lifestyle.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Constipation.
  • External wound and wound in the anal area.
  • 70% of patients do not take the disease seriously and skip treatment. Meanwhile, the complications of hemorrhoids (enlarged hemorrhoids nodes (constriction of hemorrhoids), infection, rectal prolapse, anal cancer, …) become serious.

Prevent hemorrhoids: A balanced diet, exercise and exercise to treat hemorrhoids early.

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