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Fungapure (RS) – The best cure for fungal infections


Fungapure – Forget fungi, eczema and dermatitis forever!

  • Eliminate fungal infections.
  • Eliminates itchy, watery eyes and skin irritation on the feet.
  • Deodorization.
  • Get rid of fungus in the groin.
  • Heals wounds and cracks.
  • Eliminate lichen.
  • The sporty foot performs excellently.

Price: 3980 RSD

1. Are you sure you do not have fungal skin?

If you have any of these symptoms, pay attention and start carefully:

  • Burning and itching in the foot area
  • Heel cracks and flaking
  • Red skin on feet
  • Leafy and brittle nails
  • Change in nail color (usually brown)
  • Nails gradually deteriorated
  • White spots and grooves on the nail
  • Redness in the groin or wrinkles in the skin
  • Dandruff and itchy skin in the back and trunk
  • Red spots on the scalp

2. What happens to the feet after 30 days of using product?

  • You will get rid of fungus on the feet and nails, or other affected areas, as well as itching and other discomfort.
  • Your feet will eliminate unpleasant odors, reduce perspiration, and walk much more easily and comfortably.
  • HOW TO USE PRODUCT CORRECTLY? Rinse the area you want to treat and dry, apply a thin layer of cream and smooth over the affected area. If there is an opening in the skin, that is, a crack, treat the skin around the crack. Treat affected skin areas 2 times / day, increase or decrease the amount of goat cream.
  • WHY IS PRODUCT EFFECTIVE? Unlike most other products, the product’s clinical trials show this product to be extremely effective from the very first application, and after complete removal of the fungus, if normal hygiene is maintained, they are very difficult to return.

3. What do experts say?

  • Prof. Dr. Tamara Kostić – Leading specialist at the Institute of Dermatology.
    He is the author of more than 20 scientific articles on fungal infections. He is a participant in the research of the molecular diagnosis of mycosis, candidiasis and lichen.
  • Is it true that the majority of the population of Serbia suffers from fungal infections?
    Dr. Tamara Kostić: Yes. Our country is on the list of leaders in fungal diseases. The reasons for that are the polluted environment, the inactivity of the authorities and the low level of hygiene.
    About 1,500 people get fungal infections (mycoses) every day. And even more people are dying from their consequences. But the death certificate will not say that they died of fungus. It does not pay our government to look for reasons. And if people understand what is really behind cancer, asthma and pneumonia, they will stop buying expensive drugs and sponsor their manufacturers and sellers. I hope you understand what I mean.
  • Are papillomas really a universal symptom of a fungal infection and are they contagious to other people?
    Dr. Tamara Kostić: Yes. Some research groups believe that fungi have a detrimental effect on the immune system and cause neoplasms on the skin. In addition, if we see that warts and papillomas are just beginning to appear on the body, it means that the fungus is already living in your body. Your health is in danger and you can infect the people around you.
    I remind you that about 80% of all deaths (except natural deaths from old age and violent deaths) are the result of fungal infections.
  • And how is it all connected: fungi, papillomas on the body and … Death?
    Dr. Tamara Kostić: In fact, mycosis is not just the notorious nail fungus. There are over 1,000 pathogenic fungi. And it lives not only on the nails or feet, but also on the head, mucous membranes, and even the walls of internal organs. Fungi literally destroy the skin and mucous membranes inside. Some types of mycosis are difficult to find and treat
    A neglected case of fungus causes a decline in the immune system. The body is poorly resistant to infections and autoimmune lesions. A person becomes susceptible to terrible diseases: asthma, diabetes, and even cancer.
    At the same time, I can say with certainty that almost everyone has fungi. The fact is that some fungal infections are difficult to diagnose. And when they are obvious (lichens, fungus on the nails and skin), then usually only the symptoms are treated. Modern medicines almost do not suppress pathogenic infections – pathogenic fungi.
    The only universal symptom that allows accurate diagnosis of fungal infections are papillomas.
  • Here are some symptoms you can use:
    – Papillomas;
    – Bad breath;
    – Allergies (rash, watery eyes and runny nose);
    – Itching and redness of the skin;
    – Frequent colds, sore throats, nasal congestion;
    – Chronic fatigue (no matter what you do, get tired quickly);
    – Frequent headaches;
    – Constipation or diarrhea;
    – Pain in muscles and joints;
    – Irritability, insomnia and loss of appetite;
    – Dark circles, bags under the eyes;
    If you notice any of these symptoms, the fungus has already begun its destructive work in your body. And that must stop as soon as possible!
  • How can we protect ourselves and others and get rid of fungal infections?
    There are many specialized drugs. But they only work against 1 or 2 types of fungi. But what if a person already has fungus on their feet, a fungal infection and herpes at the same time? Not to mention that fungi attack internal organs. On average, 2-8 species of fungi live on the human body at the same time.
    Today, Fungapure cream is the product with the widest spectrum of action. It destroys over 80% of fungi known to science. The preparation has passed clinical trials, and export is prohibited until the majority of the population of our country receives this preparation.
  • And why is this cream so good? How is it different from other antifungal products?
    Dr. Tamara Kostić: As I said, Fungapure destroys almost all fungi known to science. And that is why pharmaceutical chains and international pharmaceutical companies are fighting so hard for it. When applied to the skin, the ingredients of the cream penetrate the body and kill colonies of hidden fungi. Other antifungal products cannot do this.
    In addition, Fungapure restores the destroyed immune system and thus reduces the risk of developing chronic and deadly diseases.

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