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Fresh Fingers (RO) – Immediate effect on fungous disease


Your feet are precious – take care of them. Use Fresh Fingers!

  • Foot skin looks chalky.
  • Cracked skin between the toes.
  • The nail plate is cracked and peeled.
  • Red and itchy nails.

   Skin specialist comment:

  • For successful myco treatment I recommend Fresh Fingers – It can uniquely penetrate even the rough skin layer, and spray can be medicated in the case of aggressive progress of disease and prophylactic use, Fresh Fingers has no contraindications or side-effects.

Price: 159 RON

1. Effects of Fresh Fingers:

  • Climbazole: Inhibits the growth of yeast and myco, and stops itching. Kill myco cells and inhibit new cells.
  • Farnesol: Eliminates sweat glands and inhibits bacteria that cause body odor. Disinfects and softens the skin, for a mild, durable floral scent.
  • Vitamin E: Softens the skin, stops flaking.
  • Essential Oil: Cooling feet and giving a pleasant fragrance.

2. Strongly remove all the effects of Myco:

  • No more itching
  • No more foot sweat
  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • Carefully remove at the site of infection
  • No more skin flakes
  • Cleanses affected skin areas
  • Safe removal of mycotic infection
  • Prevent re-infection of myco

3. Fresh Fingers treats tinea pedis! Effective and tested method!

  • Today I will take a closer look at the problem of fungal infections. Fungal infections attack our teeth and in rare cases our fingers. Fungal infections often occur after visiting public places like swimming pools, saunas or Turkish baths where we go barefoot.
  • But office workers know only too well the problem. Anyone who spends 8 to 12 hours in the office and always wears closed shoes will sweat a lot and thus create a veritable bacterial colony where bacteria can easily form and multiply. The situation is getting worse day by day. To avoid escalation, the matter must be resolved as soon as possible.
  • A true story
    A young woman among my acquaintances is struggling with this problem. It all started with small blisters between the teeth, which over time created more and more pimples and bruises all over the area. The fungal infection spreads all over the foot.
    Of course she wanted to do something about that and went to several doctors. But it didn’t help. Meanwhile, a fungal infection has also spread to the underside of her feet. Just a short time later, her shin was also affected, becoming more and more swollen. In the end, she turned to me and I was able to recommend a popular and effective treatment:
  • Treat with home remedies.
    I have tried a large number of popular recipes. Many are completely ineffective, but others are really good. I would like to recommend one of these effective means to you here. You must drink the right herbal teas: burdock leaves, absinthe, yarrow and yarrow. Put a tablespoon of it in a cup of hot water and bring to a boil. Leave a glass and drink 100 ml on an empty stomach the next day.
    Brew the tea for 3 days and store it in the refrigerator. Drink it three times a day before meals. Use the same mixture (just in larger amounts) to soak your feet. Soak your feet in a hot foot bath before going to bed. You can then rub your feet and nails together and dry them carefully. In the morning, you can wash your feet with cold water to stimulate blood circulation.
    The results of this treatment are promising and improve the disease immeasurably. Unfortunately, it is not a permanent solution to the problem. For this reason, I ordered Fresh Fingers against fungal infections for young women. With this, we want to beat her fungal infection forever. With my recommendations and this spray, we were able to heal her foot in just two weeks.
    Finally an effective product. You should always be safe when it comes to your own health. If you frequent swimming pools, saunas or steam rooms, it’s best to wear open-toed shoes and always wash your feet. This way, you can completely avoid a fungal infection instead of having to treat it.
  • Useful tips against fungal infections
    Besides proper foot care, you should also clean your shoes regularly. This way, you can reduce the risk of fungal infections because there will be no more spores in the shoes. The best way to clean your shoes is with a 25% formalin solution. The shoes must be cleaned inside. Leave the cloth you use to clean your shoes for a while. Store shoes in an airtight bag for two days and then air-dry for three days to eliminate formalin odors.
    Shoes can also be cleaned with a solution of chlorhexidine (1%). In this case, a few hours is enough. You can also use 40% vinegar, but it must be completely pure.
    The simplest solutions are often the most effective. It’s best not to try any antifungals in the first place. Wash your feet with soap in the evening and apply Fresh Fingers Spray to the affected areas. That is all! In just over two weeks, the fungal infection will “burn up”. It has been tried on dozens of people who are still grateful to me today.
    I have given you everything I know about treating fungal infections. Use these tips to treat tinea versicolor and nail fungus on your own. Be sure to try Fresh Fingers Spray! I recommend having it!

4. Customer review

  • Val, 24 years old
    I caught a mycotic infection at the public pool… itching was terrible… doctor prescribed this spray – it’s so effective!
  • Keira, 28 years old
    I find this product great because I have to wear office shoes every day – which make my feet sore and sweaty and caused fungal infection. This spray has really helped – dry heels have recovered and skin looks fresh.
  • Peter 29 years old
    As a swimmer I’m at high risk of catching mycotic infection … so I use this product both as prevention and when I have a scaling or itching problem: it does the trick every time.
  • Katerina, 24 years old
    I recently went to the pool and got a fungal infection. I had a very intense itch. I went to the hospital and the dermatologist prescribed me Fresh Fingers. Even though I’m very anti-drugs, I tried the spray the doctor gave me and the results were immediate and dramatic.
  • Maria is 28 years old
    I work in the security forces and wear official shoes every day. My feet are constantly sweating and I am tired of dealing with fungal infections. I immediately ordered Fresh Fingers and used lemon juice as a disinfectant. The spray helped me, the problem lessened and my leg is fully recovered.
  • Petros, 29 years old
    Hi, I’m participating in swimming. There is always a risk but I have taken all the necessary precautions to avoid a fungal infection. However, sometimes I forget to wear my shoes in the shower, which results in an infection. My wife ordered Fresh Fingers and I have been using it for over a month. Skin problems and itching stopped.

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