Fresh Fingers – Immediate effect on fungous disease

Your feet are precious – take care of them. Use Fresh Fingers!

  • Foot skin looks chalky.
  • Cracked skin between the toes.
  • The nail plate is cracked and peeled.
  • Red and itchy nails.

Skin specialist comment:

  • For successful myco treatment I recommend this product – it can uniquely penetrate even the rough skin layer, and spray can be medicated in the case of aggressive progress of disease and prophylactic use, it has no contraindications or side-effects.

1. Supply to the Regions:

2. Effects of Fresh Fingers:

  • Climbazole: Inhibits the growth of yeast and myco, and stops itching. Kill myco cells and inhibit new cells.
  • Farnesol: Eliminates sweat glands and inhibits bacteria that cause body odor. Disinfects and softens the skin, for a mild, durable floral scent.
  • Vitamin E: Softens the skin, stops flaking.
  • Essential Oil: Cooling feet and giving a pleasant fragrance.

3. Strongly remove all the effects of Myco:

  • No more itching
  • No more foot sweat
  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • Carefully remove at the site of infection
  • No more skin flakes
  • Cleanses affected skin areas
  • Safe removal of mycotic infection
  • Prevent re-infection of myco

4. Customer review

  • Val, 24 years old: I caught a mycotic infection at the public pool…itching was terrible…doctor prescribed this spray – it’s so effective!
  • Keira, 28 years old: I find this product great because I have to wear office shoes every day – which make my feet sore and sweaty and caused fungal infection. This spray has really helped – dry heels have recovered and skin looks fresh.
  • Peter 29 years old: As a swimmer I’m at high risk of catching mycotic infection….so I use this product both as prevention and when I have a scaling or itching problem: it does the trick every time.

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