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Focuson – Accurate focus without glasses.

  • Reduces eye fatigue, inflammation, irritation and eye fatigue.
  • Normalization of intraocular pressure.
  • Against dry eye syndrome.
  • Improved eyesight.
  • Prevent various eye diseases.

Price: Rp 550.000

1. Protect your eyes with FoCuson and see the world clearer.

  • The FoCuson visual enhancement product restores, maintains, and protects your eye health.
  • The combination of properties of different ingredients reduces symptoms and prevents the development of various dangerous diseases (nearsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, dystrophy and retina). As a result, you will no longer feel discomfort; vision improved, eye fatigue decreased and inflammation disappeared.

2. Spending a lot of screen time in a poorly ventilated room can lead to:

  • The appearance of dark spots or patches
  • Reduced vision
  • Infections
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Dystrophy
  • Discomfort, fatigue, eye fatigue, inflammation and irritation
  • Narrow vessels
  • Various dangerous diseases (cataract, glaucoma, optic nerve atrophy, retinal detachment, etc.)

3. FoCuson’s purpose and a bit of its history

  • The main developer of this product is a well-known Indonesian ophthalmologist, microsurgeon, professor, member of the Association of Independent Ophthalmologists Dr. Angga Prasadja.
  • Dr. Angga uses several techniques that are fundamental in the modern world of ophthalmology. The new product he developed is named Fo-Cuson. Its development began in 1993 at the Jakarta Eye Disease Center.
  • Scientists have been working for almost 5 years to create this formula, which can dramatically improve vision without surgery by strengthening eye muscles and clearing the opacity of the cornea.
  • This formula can be used to treat the following eye diseases:
    – Myopic
    – Glaucoma,
    – Cataract,
    – Optic neuritis,
    – Optic neuritis,
    – uveitis,
    – Chorioretinitis,
    – Removal of the retina,
    – Corneal opacities,
    – Inflammation of the eyelids,
    – conjunctivitis,
    – retinitis pigmentosa,
    – Inflammation of the cornea.
    – And many more.
  • On June 2, 2000, a tragedy occurred: Dr. Angga died in a helicopter crash along with three pilots.
  • After the scientist died, his staff were unable to perfect the new drug, which had already reached the stage of clinical trials with very promising results. What happened was that they fought each other to try to claim ownership of the drug left by the great scientist. This is when a dark age filled with intrigues and conflicts begins.
  • That’s when a Swiss company, knowing the validity of the formula, bought the rights to the formula and two years later prepared to manufacture it, but this time with a different name.
  • Only in 2015, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Angga’s wife, our country was able to regain the right to formula milk. Today, however, the technological process is different. The outdated extraction of nutrients from plants has been replaced by the latest cold extraction technology that was not available in the 90s. This increases the effectiveness of this formulation by 47% as cold extraction allows for better preservation, up to 3-5 times, of various bioactive medicinal substances of plant origin. . This redeveloped drug is named Fo-Cuson.
  • According to scientists and doctors, in 86% of cases of vision loss, Fo-Cuson allows patients to regain 100% vision without surgery!
  • “Can be treated at home, just need to drink 2 times / day within 3-6 weeks is cured. You should feel an improvement in your vision within a few days of starting treatment,” said one of the signatories in the open letter above.

4. Focuson – Clinical trial

  • Focuson underwent a clinical trial in late 2018 at the Eye Disease Research Center.
  • A total of 3289 volunteers participated in the trial:
    94% of subjects – improved vision for best performance
    91% of subjects – lost symptoms of hyperopia
    83% of subjects – cured of early cataracts
    92% of subjects – surgical procedures for glaucoma could be avoided
    98% of subjects – the natural moisture of the eyes became normal
  • Ingredient
    Fo-Cuson is made with only natural ingredients that are concentratedly extracted from the most beneficial plants for eye health. This extract helps to improve vision, strengthens the retina, protects the retina from damage to vision. This extract also improves microcirculation, restoring and supporting capillary walls. Eye tissue is provided with proper nutrition, which helps to prevent tissue degeneration, increase the mobility of eye muscles thereby improving vision.
  • The Focuson Formula helps:
    – Prevention of eye diseases, including myopia, glaucoma and cataracts;
    – Restore and support visual health;
    – Protect eyes from conditions of increased pressure (when working in front of a computer and the negative effects of UV rays);
    – Normalization of intraocular pressure;
    – Protects the lens of the eye, including the opacity of the lens of the eye;
    – Improve eyesight;
    – Increase contrast;
    – Repair of cell damage related to vision;
    – Promotes blood circulation of the organs of vision;
    – Relief of dry eye syndrome (eye fatigue, itching, redness, dryness, pain).

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