Fehu Amulet (IT) – Magical power of ancient signs


Fehu Amulet – Scandinavian rune of the Vikings.

  • A gift from Odin, amulets have for centuries protected people around the world from loss, misfortune and misfortune.
  • Fehu Amulet attract money.
  • Solve a problem situation.
  • Affect the outcome of events.

Price: 59 EUR

1. Fehu Amulet’s power:

  • Fehu Amulet is the first rune of the futhark, symbolizing the acquisition of both material and spiritual wealth, but also the preservation and multiplication of the values ​​one already possesses.
  • It is dedicated to the goddess of love Freya and the god of fertility and summer Freyr.
  • In a broader sense, it is a symbol of protection and preservation of all that has been earned through honest work, but it also helps to attract new merchandise.

2. What are runes?

  • As a rich Norse mythological legend recounts, runic knowledge has been in this world since the very beginning, kept at the center of the universe, in the Tree of Life.
  • To know the secret power of the runes, the God of all Scandinavian gods, the king of Asgard Odin, sacrificed himself. He pierced his heart with a spear, nailed himself to the Tree of Life for nine days and nights, and bowed his head, when the runes finally revealed themselves to him.
  • After learning the power and sacredness of the runes, Odin was quick to interpret each sacred sign as a graphical symbol that could be understood by humans.
  • If we look at the Middle Ages, the Runic alphabet was also the writing basis of the ancient Germanic peoples in many territories of Central Europe from the 1st to the 19th centuries.
  • The order of the “letters” in the runic alphabet is conventionally called “Futhark” (short for the first letters of the names of the first six runes).

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