EyeLash Serum (TR) – Long and thicker eyebrows!


HOW TO USE EyeLash Serum?

  • Apply day and night on clean skin so it can be absorbed into the eyebrows and lashes.
  • Do not put the serum on your eyelashes after watery eyes! Serum may not be absorbed.
  • With EyeLash Serum, your eyelashes and eyebrows are longer and thicker!

Price: 100 TL

1. HOW DOES EyeLash Serum – ZLASH & ZPRO WORK?

  • VITAMIN E: It stimulates the natural production of keratin in the eyebrows and eyelashes. This makes them sturdy and resilient and prevents them from breaking.
  • SIMMONDSIA: EyeLash Serum activates stem cells and supports the formation of new Eyebrow and Eyelash roots.
  • ARGANIA SPINOSA OIL: EyeLash Serum nourishes eyebrows and eyelashes and makes them shiny. It creates a laminating effect.
  • COCONUT OIL: When it reaches the skin, it increases blood circulation and shifts the tubers from inactive to active growth. It also has antibacterial effects.


  • ZEYNEP AKDENIZ – 24 YEARS OLD – Istanbul: My eyelashes started falling out after breastfeeding. I didn’t notice at first, but when the eyelids were empty, I started to worry. I tried strengthening it with oils – it didn’t help. Then I found Zlash on the internet, read reviews and placed an order. I apply morning and evening. I am very pleased with the results.
  • MERYEM KAYA – 20 YEARS OLD – Bursa: Beautiful bushy eyebrows are the trend these days, but I haven’t been able to grow them for years. It’s a shame going to college with such a horrible face. A friend recommends applying this serum in the morning and evening – and well, I turned into someone else in just a few weeks. The price is affordable for students.
  • EMINE KARAGÖZ – 30 YEARS OLD – Edirne: After having my extensions on, my “self-falling” condition got worse. I decided to restore them, trying a bunch of expensive methods – it just got worse. Allergy started, my eyes were swollen. Based on the serum’s affordable and reviews I decided to order Zlash.I am satisfied with the effect, my lashes are long and thick. I advice!

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