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EyeLash Serum (TR) – Long and thicker eyebrows!


How to use EyeLash Serum?

  • Apply day and night on clean skin so it can be absorbed into the eyebrows and lashes.
  • Do not put the serum on your eyelashes after watery eyes! Serum may not be absorbed.
  • With EyeLash Serum, your eyelashes and eyebrows are longer and thicker!
  • Effects of EyeLash:
    Long curled lashes.
    Flawless thick eyebrows.
    Repair and nurture.
    Tested and proven highly effective.

Price:  89 TL

1. How does EyeLash Serum – Zlash & Zpro work?

  • Vitamin E: It stimulates the natural production of keratin in the eyebrows and eyelashes. This makes them sturdy and resilient and prevents them from breaking.
  • Simmondsia: EyeLash Serum activates stem cells and supports the formation of new Eyebrow and Eyelash roots.
  • Argania spinosa oil: EyeLash Serum nourishes eyebrows and eyelashes and makes them shiny. It creates a laminating effect.
  • Coconut oil: When it reaches the skin, it increases blood circulation and shifts the tubers from inactive to active growth. It also has antibacterial effects.

2. Comment

  • Zeynep Akdeniz – 24 years old – Istanbul:
    My eyelashes started falling out after breastfeeding. I didn’t notice at first, but when the eyelids were empty, I started to worry. I tried strengthening it with oils – it didn’t help. Then I found Zlash on the internet, read reviews and placed an order. I apply morning and evening. I am very pleased with the results.
  • Meryem Kaya – 20 years old – Bursa:
    Beautiful bushy eyebrows are the trend these days, but I haven’t been able to grow them for years. It’s a shame going to college with such a horrible face. A friend recommends applying this serum in the morning and evening – and well, I turned into someone else in just a few weeks. The price is affordable for students.
  • Emine Karagöz – 30 years old – Edirne:
    After having my extensions on, my “self-falling” condition got worse. I decided to restore them, trying a bunch of expensive methods – it just got worse. Allergy started, my eyes were swollen. Based on the serum’s affordable and reviews I decided to order Zlash.I am satisfied with the effect, my lashes are long and thick. I advice!

3. Measures to care for flat eye lashes: long and curled

  • Don’t forget to remove makeup
    Take off makeup to remove mascara and eyeshadows before going to bed if you don’t want your eye lashes to be quickly ravaged by a bunch of cosmetics. You can use a soft cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover to gently wipe away makeup from the inside out.
  • Brush lashes
    Brushing eye lashes is probably something many people often ignore, but it really has a great effect in stimulating the eyelashes to help them grow faster. Therefore, you should use specialized tools for daily eyelash brushing if you want to own long and thick eye lashes.
  • Moisturizing
    Moisturizing your eyelashes is extremely necessary not only to help your eyelashes grow long but also to avoid breakage. You can use almond oil, coconut oil or vaseline to moisturize your lashes every night before going to bed. After only a short time, you will see the unexpected results that they bring.
  • Don’t rub your eyes
    Eye lashes are extremely sensitive and fragile, so you should absolutely limit rubbing your eyes and treat them very gently if you don’t want your eyelashes to be weak and easy to break.
  • Limit the use of false eye lashes
    False eye lashes are definitely one of the indispensable makeup tools to help the eyes become bigger and more attractive. However, it contains many dangers that greatly affect your eye lashes.
    The chemicals in eyelash glue can cause irritation to your already sensitive eye area, moreover, it also creates breakage for real eye lashes every time you remove false eye lashes. Therefore, you should limit the use of false eye lashes and only use them for necessary cases.
  • Be careful with eyelash curlers
    When using an eyelash curler to curl your eye lashes, you should be careful and gentle because it is very easy to break your already fragile eye lashes.
    If not necessary, it is best to limit the use of this type of tool because they only make your eyelashes weaker and more brittle.
  • Wise when choosing mascara
    Mascara works miracles in making your delicate lashes thicker and longer in a seductive way. However, when choosing to buy mascara, you not only need to choose the type that best suits your lashes, but you should also choose a mascara with a built-in conditioner to help your eye lashes grow faster and longer. This product will help you protect and nourish your eye lashes in the best way.

4. How to care for long and curled eye lashes for charming eyes

  • Eyelash texture
    Eye lashes are small hairs that grow along the eyelids in rows. Their structure is mainly Keratin, accounting for 97%, the remaining 3% is water. Like hair, the growth cycle of eye lashes also goes through 3 stages: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.
    However, the lifespan of eye lashes is also very short, lasting only about 90 days. During that time, the aging eye lashes are also gradually shed, so that the new eyelash buds grow stronger. It takes 4 to 8 weeks for eye lashes to fully develop. During this time, we can completely interfere with the growth of eye lashes with nourishing products to make them grow longer, thicker and curvier.
  • Function of eyelashes
    Longer and thicker eye lashes, in addition to cosmetic purposes, also have other reasons related to the biological use of eye lashes:
    Anti-dust: Eye lashes are like a natural “curtain” to protect the eyes from tiny dust particles or dirt, dust. Eye lashes also help reduce eye damage from direct contact with sweat or rain.
    UV protection: Ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the cornea. The curved structure of the eye lashes provides the ability to reflect and filter natural light, almost completely limiting the direct “attack” of the sun into the eyes.
  • Eyelashes protect eyes
    Eye lashes have a shielding effect, protecting the eyes from harmful agents
    Obstacle sensing: Did you know, eye lashes foretell us the arrival of insects, debris, cans or sharp objects thanks to their very sensitive sensitivity to external forces and the light/darkness of objects. the “ball”.
  • Reasons why eyelashes fall out easily
    Although eye lashes have a rather short lifespan and fall/grow in cycles. But sometimes, they can also fall out of control, exceeding the normal allowed amount and the rate of regrowth is very low causing much inconvenience. Some of the reasons can be listed below:
    – Due to allergies to eye makeup cosmetics: mascaras, eyeliners, and eyeshadows are very easy to cause eyelash loss and breakage because they contain many chemicals to create matte.
    – Due to unclean makeup remover: Eye makeup often has water-resistant properties. Regular makeup removers rarely “knock off” completely impurities, but have to resort to specialized eye-lip makeup remover products.
    – Due to the removal of eyelash glue, wrong technique of eyelash extensions: False eyelash glues are usually very strong, when we remove them, if we do not follow the correct technique, we can also pull real eye lashes.
    – Due to the habit of pulling hair, eyebrows, eyelashes: Trichotillomania syndrome can make your eye lashes sparse due to the habit of pulling hair, eyebrows, eye lashes on the face.
    – Due to allergies to some compounds in the treatment: Acne medications, antibiotics sometimes also reduce the synthesis of keratin, causing hair, nails and eye lashes to grow slowly.
    – Due to chronic blepharitis: The eyelids rub a lot with infection, red, swollen and itchy, relapsing becomes a chronic disease. Blepharitis can also cause a disorder of the eyelid oil glands, causing the eye lashes to fall out and not grow back.
    Applying Mascara too thick can put pressure on and cause eye lashes to fall out easily
    In general, before embarking on thick and curled eye lashes, we need to make sure that the loss of eye lashes due to causes stops completely. Otherwise, when natural ingredients come into contact with an open wound, it can have the opposite effect, causing the eye lashes to break or become infected and fester more.

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