Enerflex (AR) – Relieve back pain in 15 minutes!


Enerflex – Used for back, muscle and joint pain

  • Pain relief: The pain relief effect is achieved through a unique combination of ingredients.
  • Eliminate the cause of the disease: Plant extracts quickly penetrate the skin and reduce inflammation.
  • Reducing stress: The thermal effect relaxes muscles after exercise or after exposure to low temperatures.
  • Rapid recovery of connective tissue.
  • Enerflex penetrates deep into joints instantly, eliminating chronic pain.

Price: 8990 ARS

1. The natural composition of Enerflex restores body cells:

  • Arnica extract
  • Pepper extract
  • Methyl salicylate
  • Camphor

2. Does pain interfere with perfection?

  • Strains: occurs under high loads and the exercises perform incorrectly
  • Arthritis: During the development of osteoarthritis, joints are deformed and movement habits cause pain
  • Bruises, wounds, bruises: These types of injuries do not limit movement but cause a lot of pain and discomfort
  • Muscle pain after exercise: discomfort after playing sports may be normal, but sometimes severe pain occurs from overheating
  • Long recovery from injury: often people underestimate the severity of the injury and neglect it, slowing down the healing process.

3. Discussion

  • Teddy
    I believe the main goal of the doctors is to charge us as much as possible, they don’t care about anything else. I get injections every 6 months. This year in the fall, I was prescribed such products so I was afraid to inject them. And they didn’t even examine me to see if I had other illnesses and how it would affect my body. It’s complete indifference and it’s about them prescribing products that they charge from pharmaceutical companies. It may not be the case in other places, but I’m not sure. That is our product. But good news about preferential products from Germany!
  • Roly
    This product is really good. I got it last summer (my son brought it from Berlin). Gout is gone! I still don’t have any symptoms. I was very surprised. I feel good. I recommend this product to everyone!
  • Jose
    I also have an experience using Enerflex and it is also positive. I always have to take injections, and after using Enerflex, I’m literally flying into my second month!
  • Bismar
    And I love this product. First I took Etodolac, then Meloxicam along with Ketorol. But suddenly they stopped acting. Then I went to the doctor, and the doctor recommended that I try the new Enerflex product (the doctor is young, he probably still believes that the product should be used by everyone, not for money!). Enerflex helped me from the very first application: the pain went away almost immediately, but I started taking the entire course, according to the doctor. After 3 weeks, I forgot that it hurt at all. I feel great, just like when I was younger!
  • Valerie
    When I was reading reviews about Enerflex on the forums, I found that it was running out fast! Thank God I was able to fill out the form. And I will also get it on offer, which is very good.
  • Jeremy
    My 72-year-old neighbor used to complain of low back pain. But a month ago I found him active and cheerful. He told me that he used Enerflex, his nephew brought it to him from somewhere.
  • Henry
    I found out about Enerflex on one of the forums for people with arthritis. Many people praise their results there. I decided to ask myself. I’ve only been using it for 3 days, and things have noticeably improved. The pain is completely gone, the crying has calmed down a lot, there is still a small swelling but it is much better. Well, I’ll write about the results of the course, but I like the first part.

4. Read more about Arthritis

  • Causes of Arthritis
    Arthritis includes many different types, each type will have its own cause, but can be divided into two groups of causes:
    Causes in joints: common such as cartilage inflammation, degeneration, cartilage erosion, joint infection, joint trauma..
    Extra-articular causes: commonly due to metabolic disorders (uric acid elevation in gout), immune system abnormalities that damage components in the joints (rheumatoid arthritis) these conditions affect affect the function and structure of the joints, thereby causing arthritis.
  • Symptoms of Arthritis
    Signs of arthritis depend on where the joint is inflamed and the type of arthritis, and warning signs you may have arthritis include:
    Joint pain, which can be painful with movement or even without movement.
    Limitation of joint range of motion, in most cases accompanied by pain, however can also be purely limited.
    Swelling and stiffness: common in acute inflammatory arthritis.
    Inflammation at or around the joint.
    Redness of the skin around the joint.
    Creaking when moving joints, common and morning.
    Additional extra-articular symptoms may include: fever, rash or itching, shortness of breath, weight loss.. These symptoms may also be signs of another disease.
  • Subjects at risk of Arthritis
    Age: Although arthritis can affect children, the elderly have a higher incidence of arthritis, mostly due to the effects of metabolic disorders and the accumulation of long-term trauma.
    Gender: Arthritis affects more women than men.
    Occupation: heavy labor jobs, sitting for a long time in one position, moving in the wrong position have a higher rate of arthritis.
    Trauma: Injuries to the joint can cause acute arthritis now or increase the risk of arthritis later.
    Being overweight: increases pressure on the joints, thereby causing arthritis or accelerating the inflammatory process already in the joints.
    Metabolic disorders: affecting the nourishment of the joint components and the appearance of abnormal components in the joints.
    Immune system diseases and certain genetic disorders can also increase the risk of joint disease.
  • Prevention of Arthritis
    Arthritis isn’t always preventable, but taking the following steps can help reduce your risk and better manage arthritis:
    Exercise: different types of exercise can be chosen depending on age and specific conditions.
    Maintain weight within allowable limits.
    Ensure safety at work, limit injuries to joints.
    Sit and work properly.
    Periodic examination for early detection and timely treatment of metabolic disorders of the body.

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