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Mycelix (SG) Toenail fungus treatment

Mycelix – Eliminate symptoms of fungal infections.

  • Mycelix kills fungus and reduces inflammation.
  • Mycelix restore damaged tissues.
  • Mycelix protection from disease recurrence.
  • There is a 99.9% probability that your body has a fungal infection:
    + You have white patches on your mucous membranes.
    + Itching between fingers and toes bothers you.
    + Nails are discolored and deformed, they fall apart.
    + Do you have genital itching?

Price: 49 SGD

1. Mycelix prevents the growth of yeast and fungi, reduces the penetration:

  • Kills fungal spores, prevents multiplication
  • Reduced susceptibility to fungus
  • Kills about 32,000 types of fungal infections
  • Prevent infecting others
  • Quickly regenerate the skin and improve the microbiome
  • Create a repatriation effect
  • Deodorization
  • Prevent reinfection

2. Expert Opinion

  • Abhi Munshif – Dermatologist and Veterinary Specialist
    Fungal spores attack people everywhere. I recommend my patients treatment with natural oils that have antibacterial and anti-fungal effects.
    Unlike antibiotics and other drugs, Mycelix does not cause resistance and destroys more than 32,000 types of fungal infections quickly.
    The remedy uses only organic ingredients – so it’s hypoallergenic and available over the counter.
  • Mycelix works immediately. Long term results
    Nimba Leaf Extract: Heals fungal infected cells, prevents the growth of new fungal colonies
    Neela thoth: Treats damaged skin, softens and restores skin qualities
    Tulsi Oil: Natural antiseptic. Has antibacterial effect

3. Buyer reviews

  • Siti 30 yo
    I tried a lot of things – nothing helped. My nails are peeling and crumbling…it’s horrible. I always try to hide my hands. Thanks to Mycelix, my problems were solved – quickly. Highly recommended.
  • Ah Chong 40 yo
    I have been on treatment for chronic candidiasis for 10 months – it always comes back. Strong antibiotics don’t help but this common oil is perfect. I recommend Mycelix to everyone with this problem.
  • Muthu 33 yo
    I have a fungal infection and my doctor recommended topical therapy: Mycelix. Symptoms resolved in a week – and lab tests proven.

4. Why is nail fungus so deadly?

  • Why do you call nail fungus a dangerous disease?
    Do you know how many people die from fungal diseases in 2020? Last year, 55,000 people died in the National Capital Region itself. Of these, 31,000 died from nail fungus, more than half of all deaths. Nail fungus not only affects your toes, but also enters your bloodstream through your feet and spreads throughout your body.
    In a way, it weakens the body from within and puts stress on all your organs. Its spores settle in internal organs and begin to grow, causing harm to the body. This causes fungal diseases of the internal organs. This means that the infected person begins to ‘rot’ from the inside.
    In such a situation, the person can have heart failure at any time, a brain vein can burst at any time, the liver can get cancerous, and the kidneys can stop working. Anyone with nail fungus has a higher level
    That’s why I consider nail fungus a very dangerous disease, one of the biggest causes of death in the country. We constantly hear about cancer and tumors, but you must be aware that cancer affects only three to four percent of the population while nail fungus affects every second person between the ages of 40 and 45. .
  • So why can’t doctors cure this disease?
    First of all, I would like to tell you that most people with nail fungus do not go to the doctor, because they do not understand the risk of this disease. And even if the person does go to the doctor, it is often too late.
    Usually, they are prescribed some medicine that is rarely used and then, they never go to the doctor again so the disease keeps progressing. Fungal infections require regular check-ups.
    Besides, very few people understand the consequences of a fungal infection and know what serious damage it can cause to internal organs. I could tell you hundreds of such cases, but I will only talk about those that present a risk of fungal infection of the nails.
  • You can alleviate the external symptoms of the fungus.
    Besides, the staff at skin clinics at this time is also very short. The entire region has only a handful of mycologists, and we’re 37% short of dermatologists.
    More than half of the existing employees do not have the appropriate qualifications. I doubt that these people would be able to identify and treat such a complicated fungal infection. Usually, people are better off staying at home than being treated by a government doctor.
    Due to the lack of staff, we have to recruit unsatisfactory employees. All have medical degrees, some with honors but these doctors don’t have enough experience and they can do a lot of harm to your health.
    Doctors experience retirement or death, because they are overwhelmed with such a high number of patients and the stress on them increases many times over. These new doctors come in instead and have no say in the treatment of their patients. I wish my staff had more experience and qualifications, but there’s nothing I can do.
  • So what should people with nail fungus do?
    Look, it’s not like I’m sitting idle and doing nothing. But there’s nothing I can do about personnel matters. Being a good doctor is the job of medical colleges and universities, what can I do? I can’t train myself as a doctor.
    If we think all of this will change overnight, it won’t. There are similar problems in places and people are suffering.
    But when it seems that all hope is lost, there is always a glimmer of hope. Recently a number of revolutionary achievements have been developed to save people’s lives. The project is likely to be launched by the end of 2020, but people can be treated here immediately before other states can.
  • Why do you think this drug will change the situation?
    It eliminates the external symptoms of the feet and cleanses the body from the inside, completely curing the fungus in the toenails. The risk of death is almost zero within the first few days of application.
    Just starting this treatment, the patient is excluded from the risk group. This treatment helps to get rid of fungal cells that accumulate in the blood and internal organs. The injury, which had killed the patient from the inside, stopped immediately.
    In my opinion, this drug can save thousands of lives.
  • What is the brand name of this drug and why is it so effective?
    This is the most effective method of treating fungal diseases today. I am talking about Mycelix , a new generation product developed in independent research laboratories. This medicine has been formulated by the best team of doctors in Singapore. It is 10 times more effective than conventional drugs and cosmetic procedures. It does not have any side effects, is not addictive and helps the body develop immunity against fungal bacteria, eliminating the risk of reinfection.
    The secret of it being so effective lies in the structure of our bodies. It is difficult to get rid of nail fungus, as it remains in tissues inside the body. The fungus often comes back after stopping the medication to treat it. Another problem is that our body’s immune system cannot fight it on its own. At best, the body can only slow down the growth rate of a fungal infection. When immunity is weak, the fungus spreads very quickly leading to death.
    With Mycelix , the body can create special antibodies to destroy fungi everywhere in the body. With this, the fungus is completely eliminated from the body. In addition, antibodies continued to develop even after treatment was discontinued. This drug increases the body’s response to a fungal infection by 10 times. After that, you are not likely to get the infection again. A single treatment with Mycelix allows your body to completely clear the fungal infection from your body.

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