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Bentolit (KG) Detoxify, stay fit, great health

Bentolit – Slimming and detoxing your body.

Bentolit contains pure volcanic clay and oat fiber to reduce appetite and contribute to safe and fast weight loss:

  • Speed ​​up metabolism.
  • Breaks down body fat.
  • Prevents fat accumulation in affected areas.
  • Stretch skin, delete stretch marks.
  • Remove cellulite.
  • Triple distilled volcanic clay enriched with natural plant extracts. The powder is used to drink once a day.

Price: 2400 KGS

  • Эскертүү: Мобилдик телефондо өз тилиңизде көрүү үчүн ылдыйга жылдырып, “Мобилдик версиядан чыгуу” баскычын басыңыз. Бакыт тилеймин.
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1. Bentolit – Means health

Pruduct contains natural extracts of ginger and dandelion root that promote the health and the immune system in general:

  • Improve digestion
  • Normalization of microflora
  • Eliminate allergic reactions
  • Reduces crises of chronic diseases, promotes remission
  • Strengthens the immune system

2. It is pure volcanic clay enriched with natural extracts

  • Fennel seeds and fruit extracts: improved digestion.
  • Volcanic clay: reduces appetite, reduces fat accumulation in the body, prevents fat absorption.
  • Ginger root extract: reduces appetite, stimulates secretion of gastric juice, facilitates many diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Isolate soy protein: burn fat under the skin and provide energy.
  • Dandelion root extract: normalizes digestion and appetite, restores acid-base balance and normalizes intestinal microflora.
  • Oat fiber: cleans the intestines, improves digestion and removes excess cholesterol.
  • Coffee pollen: excess water, speed up metabolism and increase energy production.

3. Expert opinion

      Linda Gardner, Nutritionist, Author of Weight Loss Techniques

  • Bentolit is a unique product that has three direct effects. The first is cleansing or detoxifying. Volcanic clay has a strong absorbent effect. It is 20 times more effective than activated carbon.
  • The second effect is weight loss. The oat fiber and coffee powder in the product’s formula reduces cravings, the number of daily snacks is reduced by 5 times and the serving size is 3 times smaller! This reduces the number of calories you consume and helps with weight loss.
  • The third effect is complex health improvement. If taken regularly, volcanic clay helps strengthen the immune system, reducing the frequency of exacerbations of chronic diseases and allergic reactions. I believe that Bentolit is the only product that gives three times the effect. It’s a 100% natural and safe supplement that should be part of anyone’s diet if you’re taking care of your health.

4. Comment

  • Gabriella Banks
    I was thinking that clay is only used for masking and wrapping. Just happened to pass by Bentolit drinking clay, ordering and tasting. I am satisfied. My general condition and digestion improved in a week, the chronic stomach pain disappeared. I lost about 6.5 lb in a week!
  • Helen Edwards
    I have been taking clay for 5 years now. It’s a great detox product. My skin looks great with it. The excess weight was gone, even though I was only about 11-15 lbs. I go through a course once every few months for cleaning and preventive purposes. Furthermore, Bentolite is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. I’d rather get the clay I know better than the chemicals that drugstores stock.
  • Meredith Walton
    I love taking Bentolit – it’s a natural and safe product. Before that, I drank clay from another famous manufacturer and had terrible stomachache and digestive problems. I switched to Bentolit and now it’s okay, I feel fine and look even better!

5. Post by Natalie Greenacre

  • Do you also want to lose weight but lack the will?
    I thought that was not possible. But I made it. I found out that it can be very easy.
  • I like good food, so what?
    Sounds like a good idea to me! Except that, at the age of 27, I checked my body mass for the first time in several years. The scale shows an intimidating number: 269 lb. It was a shock, but only for a short time. I quickly returned to my normal lifestyle: eating well after work, knitting in my lap, pampering my two gorgeous cats…
  • I have a boyfriend!
    I was very happy with my life until I met a man online. I was gone and I fell in love with him just a few weeks later! It was a hot online relationship.
    The day finally came and we met in person. Everything’s fine. We went for a coffee, went for a walk in the park.
    But something was wrong: the spark between us was gone. We used to make love online. But after that first date, suddenly, he was no longer interested. We were friends, but nothing more.
    I understood immediately that the problem was with me, or more accurately, with my excess weight. I never thought how important it could be for men! The man I love, I can’t harden my heart in front of a teenage girl…
  • Anyway, I decided to lose weight.
    I signed up for a membership to a gym, but I went there for 21 days, spending 2 to 3 hours a day with no results. During this time, I only lost 1.1 lb, despite a strict diet: two apples a day, a banana, and a chicken breast.
    Then I bought slimming pills in a pharmacy. I don’t know what’s inside, but they give me severe heartburn, nausea in the morning, and terrible liver pain in the evening. I continued to take them for eight days, but, I didn’t lose even half a pound. I stop.
  • My next (successful) attempt was clay.
    Do not worry! I don’t have to eat clay or dirt. I ordered Bentolit, a dietary supplement made from detoxifying volcanic clay. Its main activity is to remove toxins and accumulated fat. I think everyone is aware that toxins interfere with the normal processes inside the body and cause weight gain. Bentolit completed the quest 100%.
    What I like most about Bentolit, is that I don’t have to change my usual way of life when taking this supplement. No need to go to the gym or to count my calories. Your body will do it on its own. All it takes is a little help – take Bentolit on an empty stomach every day. That was the only thing that helped me. A month later, I have lost half of my previous weight! This is great! And my skin doesn’t sag, which is very important to me.
  • Happiness is simple
    You can’t even imagine how happy I was at first! Especially when I change my wardrobe. A lot of beautiful trendy clothes suit me well, whereas in the past I wore a black dress that made me look like a car.
    I put on more makeup and started wearing heels and miniskirts. Men started to notice me.
  • You will ask “What about the guy?”
    I do not know. I am no longer in contact with him. When I lost weight, we still kept in touch, but just as friends. We met again one day, that was when I was 132 lb. I wear high heels and a low-cut dress, I have a nice hairstyle.
    As for you, I still think you’re good, but I’m too good for you. I can’t understand how can I love him? This is probably because I’m fat and I lack male interest.
  • Now it’s completely different!
    I have many suitors who are handsome and successful men, I don’t even know which one to choose. I love all this attention! It makes me want to live, to create, to be passionate, and to make others love me.
    My dear children, I pray for you to feel wanted and loved again. Slender rocked my world. I’m very happy! I wish you happiness. I have become the official representative of Bentolit in our region and now it is available to everyone who wants to slim down. There is nothing worse for a woman than being dissatisfied with her body.
    This helped me and it will help you too, no doubt about it. Love all!

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