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Acuflex (KE) Helps improve your hearing

Acuflex – Benefits of using.

  • It relieves ear pain and discomfort in the ear.
  • Eliminate unwanted noises, rustles, creaks and sounds.
  • Improves sharpness, loudness and readability of audio.
  • It allows you to hear environmental sounds never heard before.
  • Allows you to speak in public.
  • Makes whispers easier to hear and amplifies the signal.

Price: 5990 KES

1. How does Accuflex work?

  • Hearing loss in only one ear is often accompanied by tinnitus. People often experience dizziness, including vestibular dizziness, difficulty maintaining balance. In some cases, facial muscles droop and /or facial numbness and impaired taste sensations. If one or several symptoms appear at once, we strongly recommend starting taking capsules in order to prevent the appearance of ear diseases.
  • Accuflex is a biologically active food supplement. It is not a medicine
  • Contributes to the normalization of the work of the hearing organs
  • Helps reduce the risk of hearing loss
  • Increases hearing acuity
  • Prevention of inner ear infections
  • Minimizes the occurrence of noise and pulsation in the ears
  • Replenishes the deficiency of trace elements necessary to reduce the risk of hearing loss

2. Method of appliance and dosage:

  • User manual:
    + Adults and children over 14 years of age: 2 capsules 1 time a day after meals
    + Duration of admission: 20 days. After a 10-day break, repeated admission is recommended. Repeated receptions are possible throughout the year.
  • The component composition of the supplement Acuflex is carefully selected taking into account the action of active substances on various causes of hearing disorders.
  • Active natural substances contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, nutrition, metabolism of the brain and its peripheral structures, which include the hearing organ.
  • The action of antioxidants is enhanced by vitamins and trace elements necessary for the normal operation of the hearing aid.

3. In fact, you can make your hearing worse

  • Hearing is a very important factor that accompanies us daily throughout life. Thanks to the auditory organ, the ear, we can hear the sounds of the environment, communicate with others, or listen to music.
  • Thanks to it, we are warned against various dangers. In addition, it allows us to access information continuously.
  • Hearing loss, no matter the extent, affects our comfort and function. We have difficulty understanding speech and often require repetition, which is very inconvenient. For this constant pain and dizziness.
  • Remember that you can slowly lose your hearing and get used to hearing less.
  • The most common causes of hearing loss:
    + Improper ear cleaning
    + Head injury
    + Traffic sounds
    + Ear disease
    + Working in constant noise
    + I’m old
    + Leave one ear
    + Listen to loud music
    + Effects of some drugs
  • The combination of these ingredients helps to create a composition rich in vitamins and trace elements, which moisturizes, improves blood circulation and strengthens the protective barrier, as well as has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is a measure that will support you by its very nature to create an improved ear canal and will guarantee a strong ability to prevent hearing loss. Thanks to it, you will get rid of noise and unpleasant sensations in the ear canal.
  • When you start using Acuflex capsules, all your problems are gone and you will start a new and better chapter in your life!

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