Prostatitis and Diabetes, Bangladesh

Dia Fix (BD) Helps stabilize blood sugar

Dia Fix – Diabetes control in your hands.

  • The cause of diabetes is increased insulin production.
  • Protect your body from high blood sugar levels.
  • Renewal of the liver and pancreas.
  • Normalizes carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Stabilize blood sugar.
  • Normalizes all metabolic processes.
  • Just 2 Dia Fix tablets a day – and your diabetes will be under control!

Price: 2500 BDT

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1. Dia Fix improve patient health

  • Dia Fix eliminate toxins, reduce irritation
  • Dia Fix reduce Inflation, Prevent Complaints
  • Dia Fix strengthen the blood vessels
  • Dia Fix normal balance
  • Dia Fix strengthen the immune system
  • Limit the absorption of glucose in the blood.
  • Reduce blood fat, reduce high blood pressure.
  • Increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin.
  • Increases the cell’s ability to use glucose.
  • Stabilize blood sugar.
  • Reduce oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, fight kidney fibrosis.
  • Regulates the immune system, prevents complications of diabetes.
  • Reduce blood sugar.

2. You will forget about blood sugar!

  • Increases insulin production in the pancreas.
  • Increases insulin action.
  • Decreased intestinal absorption of glucose.
  • Reduce blood fat, lower blood pressure.
  • Stabilize blood sugar.

3. The Golden Composition of Dia Fix

  • Gymnema: Contains gimic acid that regulates carbohydrate balance, improves insulin absorption and stimulates its natural production. Speeds up glucose metabolism and lowers blood sugar. Restores damaged cells of the pancreas. It prevents the formation of plaques in blood vessels and the development of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Nopal: Contains natural antioxidants: choline, sulfur and copper to help clear the liver, blood and lymph from congestion, as well as glucose and cholesterol. Hypotension. It has a mild diuretic effect. Improves the functioning of the digestive tract.
  • Cinnamon: natural anti-oxidant. Reduces the rise in glucose levels after eating. Suppresses appetite, contributes to the reduction of fat accumulation, body mass and weight loss.
  • Chromium: Reduces resistance to insulin regulates blood sugar and cells. Involved in the synthesis of glucokinase, an enzyme that regulates glucose metabolism.

4. Experience comments

       (Doctor of Endocrinology)

  • ”Existing diabetes products only eliminate the symptoms, not their cause. Dia Fix offers excellent and long-lasting effectiveness in disease control. After a course of treatment, the disease is gradually adjusted, all functions of the body are restored, and metabolic disorders are completely resolved.
  • The positive effect of Dia Fix has been confirmed in clinical trials. Dia Fix has been proven to be safe for health and has no side effects or contraindications.
  • I have recently recommended Dia Fix to most of my patients and received very good feedback on its effectiveness. “

5. Metformin is not what you need!

    * Dr. Juan Pedro Olarte:

  • From this day on, drugs based on metformin become the mainstay of all treatments. However, it is a scam between patients and doctors. Metformin leads to unpredictable morbidity and mortality. It is not a treatment. If you see a doctor with type 2 diabetes and they prescribe treatment based on these drugs, run to that doctor immediately.
  • All of these drugs raise blood insulin levels to critical levels. As insulin levels rise, the blood becomes as thick as condensed milk. In large amounts, insulin causes a lot of harm to the body. It can harm the liver, kidneys and other excretory organs. Insulin has a similar consistency and action to stomach acid. Imagine what would happen if the acid in the stomach met the internal organs. It will burn!
  • High levels of insulin destroy cells, to the point of promoting abnormal division, and are no less than a cancer. For this reason, cancer develops in 28% of DIABETES PATIENTS, statistics show.
  • In addition, high levels of insulin cause blood vessels to quickly become clogged with cholesterol plaques, as insulin-rich blood becomes concentrated and begins to move more slowly. As a result, the blood vessels become blocked by cholesterol plaques, thereby increasing the pressure. Hypertension develops in 98% of patients with diabetes. Many other cardiovascular problems also appear.

    * List of threatening effects of Metformin therapy:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders (most commonly diarrhea, heartburn, belching, stomach ulcers)
  • High blood pressure is an increase in stress, especially at night, headaches, ear congestion, feelings of fear.
  • Cirrhosis – the liver turns into connective tissue and stops cleaning the blood, the whole body is filled with toxins.
  • Kidney stones are caused by overproduction of salt and sugar.
  • Cancer.
  • Early death due to destruction of blood vessels.
  • Blind.
  • The development of complications, of course, depends on the duration and amount of the drug consumed, as well as the individual characteristics of the person.

6. Discussion:

  • Alexandra: Thank you for your kindness! I tried to buy Dia Fix through another clinic. Their prices are 10 times higher. I refuse to do that. Then a friend showed a link to this article. And I asked it to you. My package arrived quickly. I started treatment and even got some results!
  • Maria Fernanda: I can confirm the doctor’s words! Metformins are evil – they intentionally poison people to make money off of them! I used it for seven years. If no results. The rise in blood sugar cannot be prevented. The situation only got worse. Then I found out about Dia Fix. It is like night and day. Natural products really make the situation better if you don’t like drugs, harmful chemicals. Everyone, I recommend Dia Fix to all.
  • Silvana: Egh, I had a lot of problems with my diabetes before I knew Dia Fix. My life is similar to that of the poor man in this story. In addition to the high sugar, I also have high blood pressure (200-230), which is why I always feel nauseous. Also, I’m 120kg overweight (not tall). Bloating, shortness of breath, I got over it all. My body was rotting and often contorted but not anymore. I went through a treatment with Dia Fix. Now at least I feel like someone who is still alive. I have lost weight, the pressure is no longer increasing. Basically everything is fine for now, I hope everyone is equally fine.

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