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ÉleverLash – 22 Countries – Long, strong eyelashes!

ÉleverLash – Mesmerize everyone with your looks!

  • Do you want a glamorous look?
  • Do you want your eyelashes to be full and long?
  • Want to nourish, protect and beautify the skin around your eyes?
  • Want quick and safe results?
  • If you answered YES to at least one of the questions then you should order ÉleverLash today and dazzle everyone with your look tomorrow …
  • Supply to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, France, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, United States, Italy
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1. ÉleverLash is a pioneer among eyelash enhancers.

  • The unique formula, created based on innovative laboratory research, allows for safe and effective eyelash enhancement, resulting in fuller, longer and stronger lashes.
  • All you need is 1 minute a day and you will notice the first results in just 2 weeks.

2. Product results

  • Lash stimulates the hair follicles. Thanks to being precisely applied on the upper eyelid, all nutrients are delivered directly to the hair follicles, making the results visible almost immediately.
  • Lash nourishes, strengthens and regenerates eyelashes and the skin around them. Moreover, eyelash growth pills stimulate eyelash growth. As a result, your eyelashes grow faster, stronger, longer, thicker and fuller.
  • Also, they don’t fall out so easily.

3. Product guarantees:

  • Spectacular results: After just a few weeks, your lashes will become stronger, longer and fuller. The catch is, people won’t be able to distinguish false lashes from your natural and healthy lashes. Plus, thanks to ÉleverLash, your lashes are noticeably darker and you don’t need to use mascara.
  • Clinically validated: Rigorous and completely independent laboratory research has proven its high effectiveness. The longer people have been using ÉleverLash, the more satisfied they are with the product.
  • Safety: The ingredients of ÉleverLash are completely safe for your eyes and the surrounding skin. Its formula has been dermatologically and ophthalmologist tested. The product does not cause allergies, irritation or other unwanted side effects.

4. Frequently asked questions:

    * A simple application right?

  • The application of ÉleverLash is extremely easy. This eyelash enhancing serum will make your lashes beautiful and healthy.
  • The application on the upper eyelid is similar to a classic eyeliner – the difference is that the line does not have to be perfect.
  • However, to gain the best results you have to use it regularly according to its label.

    * How to use ÉleverLash?

  • Remove your makeup and dry the skin around your eyes.
  • Apply a small amount of the serum on the upper lid with one stroke of the brush.
  • Wait until the enhancer is absorbed.
  • Observe how your lashes become longer, fuller, darker and stronger.
  • It’s best if you apply the product in the evening, when you have no makeup on.

    * Are there any other advantages of ÉleverLash?

  • The whole treatment takes less than a minute per day!
  • After achieving the desired results, you only have to apply the Enhancer 2 times per week to maintain the results.
  • The first results are visible after just 2 weeks of use.
  • You can apply the product yourself with one stroke of a brush.
  • The eyelash enhancer can be used while wearing false lashes – the serum does not weaken the glue. You can take care of your natural lashes with ÉleverLash even while wearing eyelash extensions.
  • You can use ÉleverLash even if you have permanent makeup.

5. Personal stories and experiences of unique women

  • Margaret, Cracow: I’ve always been fond of strong makeup. Mostly because I wanted to hide my very short eyelashes. It was OK when I was a teenager, but as I got older I did not feel well in this look… I’ve never wanted to wear false lashes even thou I was ashamed of my own. Nowadays, there aren’t many solutions available on the market that is why most women decide to use mascara to look good. Since I had discovered ÉleverLash, everything has changed. My eyelashes look fantastic. I even sometimes go out without putting my makeup on. My eyes are so beautiful now! What is more, my self-confidence improved significantly and I feel more feminine.
  • Kate, London: At some point in my life, I came to terms with my short lashes and wide hips. This is how I look, period. However, I wanted to do something about myself before my wedding. So I went to the gym and started to eat healthily. Day after day I looked better. Eventually, my lashes became my number 1 problem. I wanted to look gorgeous that special day. I hate false lashes so I looked for something else. My friends bought me ÉleverLash for my hens night. This serum is amazing! I looked like an angel on my wedding day!! I’m so proud of myself because I shed some weight and ÉleverLash made my natural lashes long and full. It took just a few weeks to make my eyes look amazing. I am using ÉleverLash until now. Now I cannot imagine my life without it.
  • Martina, New York: For years I wore false lashes. When I had taken them off I felt ugly. Literally, I had no lashes of my own. People thought I was sick or something. On one hand I liked my fake beautiful, dark and super long eyelashes, but on the other hand, my natural lashes were extremely weakened by them. Eventually, I’ve said “That’s enough!”. I did not want to lose any more time and money on refilling the lashes. Everyone knows that you have to do this once in 3 weeks otherwise the lashes look terrible. So I have started using ÉleverLash even when I still had my false lashes on. My beautician told me that it is OK and they won’t fall out more. On the contrary, they held significantly longer and did not fall out so frequently! In any case, when I finally took off my fake eyelashes… The results were unbelievable! My lashes were long, full and dark! I could not believe that they were really mine! ÉleverLash was the best decision in my life! This eyelash enhancer is a dream come true!
  • Alicia, Warsaw: At first, I was quite sceptical about ÉleverLash. My previous experience with similar products was terribly disappointing… I even once ended up in a hospital with so swollen eyes that I could barely see. I looked like I got severely beaten. That is why I have reluctantly used mascaras for years. ÉleverLash convinced me with its numerous tests and positive opinions of dermatologists and allergists. The eyelash enhancer is completely safe and highly effective. I really appreciate its efficiency. The results are very visible and I definitely recommend this product. For me, it is a high-quality cosmetic.

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