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EcoSlim (BO) – Weight decrease by 10-12 kg a month

EcoSlim – Scientific Innovative Discovery

  • Minus 10-12 kg a month.
  • Does not affect heart and nervous systems.
  • Quality guarantee, complete environmental safety.
  • 100% natural composition.
  • Targeted impact on fat deposits.

Price: 250 BOB

1. The excellent ingredients of EcoSlim:

You might think that plants don’t have the power to burn fat … But scientific research suggests otherwise!

  • B2: Normalizes the body’s hormonal balance
  • B6: Regulates metabolism, strengthens skin, hair and nails
  • B12: Accelerates metabolism, helps assimilate nutritional elements
  • PP: Contributes to the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats
  • Taurine: Reduces cholesterol, regulates the activity of the digestive tract
  • Pantothenic acid, succinic acid: They improve metabolism, fat burning
  • Guarana Extract: Eliminates excess toxins and fluids, burns fat and promotes the renewal of cells in the body.
  • Inositol: Use your own fat store for energy. Reduce appetite and speed up metabolism.

2. Mineral deficiency becomes the reason of excess weight!

You may think that plants do not possess enough power to burn fats … But scientific facts tell us otherwise!

  • Remove toxins and excess liquid, burn fat and trigger the process of body cells renewal.
  • Reduces cholesterol, regulates the functioning of gastrointestinal tract
  • Triggers metabolic processes, burns fats
  • Contributes to carbs and fats breakdown

3. Comment of a specialist in dietology

  • To let your body cleanse itself, dissolve a fizzy tablet of EcoSlim in a glass of water and drink at the mealtime or after it once a day.
  • You will feel the difference soon – already in a week weight will reduce, problems with stomach and digestion disappear.
  • What is especially reassuring: the unique composition was designed in collaboration with the Nutrition Institute. Natural vitamin complexes are far more efficacious and safer than any chemical compounds.
  • The combination of arctic cloudberry, lingonberry, wild blueberries and podophyll can be with all confidence considered a true gift for everyone who’s losing weight, since this complex breaks down fat deposits in problem areas in a matter of days.

4. It’s time to take care of me.

  • In front of the mirror again and afraid of my fat body, I was determined to change my appearance and become a perfect girl.
  • So I immediately started transforming my body. I have tried pills, sublimation messages, expensive creams, anti-cellulite massages and other expensive methods. It doesn’t help and it’s useless.
  • My weight stays the same… the 3 digit number, so I want to give it all my strength…
  • I want to cry because I feel helpless. So I almost gave up on my plan and forgot about it.
  • Once, while browsing the Internet, I came across a blog where a girl claimed to have lost weight impressively with a dietary supplement called Eco Slim. Obviously, I was interested in it and analyzed it in detail.
  • At first, I didn’t really believe in its effectiveness as I tried different drugs. In addition, a lot of things advertised on television did not work … But the girl is a very respected person on the Internet who has posted great pictures, so I took her advice. that.

5. How to lose weight 5kg in 10 days

  • Reporter: Sara, you are one of the 10 smartest medical students in the world. Why did you decide to face the problem of being overweight?
  • Sara Gonzalez:
    I don’t really want to talk about it in public because my motives are purely personal. Several years ago, my mother passed away from high blood pressure because she had been overweight for many years. She was more or less fine and had been trying to lose weight for a while, but a sudden stroke killed her in her sleep. And that’s it, he’s no longer with me. My grandmother also died for the same reason.
    Then I started researching various topics related to obesity and how to avoid it. I was surprised to discover that diet, exercise, drugs and liposuction are very dangerous to our health and actually make the obesity problem worse. My mother also follows various diets and has been taking aerobics classes for almost 5 years.
    For the past three years, I have been completely immersed in researching this topic. Actually, the new weight loss method that everyone is talking about now, appeared in the process of writing my thesis. I knew I was creating something new, but I never imagined it would generate such incredible interest from different organizations.
  • Reporter: What was the goal of Sara González’s idea? Is it true that this product allows a person to lose extra pounds without diet and exercise?
  • Sergio Alcazar:
    Sara’s goal is essentially the same as a car navigator: it’s simply showing the fastest route to weight loss. And we are talking about a method that will be useful for life …
    The product developed based on Laura’s formula contains super antioxidants that send signals to a part of the brain (brain amygdala) to stop the accumulation of calories, subcutaneous fat and suppress the desire to “realize”. unhealthy products”. Named Ecoslim.
    Food entering the stomach is immediately converted into energy or deposited as fat. Ecoslim reduces the level of PRAP protein in the body. This protein is found in adipose tissue and is responsible for storing fat in the body. When protein levels drop, fat tissue is destroyed and the body loses weight without exercise or dieting.
  • Sergio Alcazar:
    As soon as they understood that we were indeed creating something worthwhile, the pharmaceutical companies attacked us from all sides. Sara was offered a large sum of money to buy her formula, but not to sell it. They did not want it to be self-produced, but banned mass production of this product. Obesity treatment is a really large niche in the pharmaceutical world.
    In the United States, for example, products are sold for billions of dollars. Our products can dramatically change the market situation. No one wants to waste their money every month buying ineffective weight loss methods when they can treat their problem ONE AND ALL with EcoSlim and forget about their obesity problem FOREVER.
  • Reporter: And how to get the product if it is not sold in pharmacies?
  • Sergio Alcazar:
    We have come to the decision that if the pharmacies do not want to listen to us, we will go ahead without them and organize the direct distribution of EcoSlim ourselves without intermediaries. We discussed the different options and decided on the most efficient way to deliver the product.
    EcoSlim is not sold in pharmacies! Therefore, everyone who wants to receive EcoSlim with a discount of up to 50% can participate in our lottery. They will then be contacted by our qualified specialists to develop a personalized treatment plan with EcoSlim.

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