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Duston Gel (CL) – Effective for musculoskeletal pain!


Are your joints or back sore? Use Duston Gel.

  • Reduces pain syndrome.
  • Strengthens cartilage.
  • Reduce muscle hypertension.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Eliminate inflammation.
  • Articulation of salts. This disease includes:
    Arthritis. Gout. Bursitis. Rheumatism. Bone necrosis. Osteoporosis.
    Osteoarthritis. Bursitis. Hygroma.

Price:   34.990 CLP

1. Advantages of Duston Gel for back and joints

  • ONE KIND OF ACTIONS: Relieving age-related pain, trauma and diseases of the joints and spine
  • YES NO SIDE EFFECTS: Completely safe for single or regular use
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Only active ingredients from herbal plants

2. Duston Gel is exclusively produced.

  • Product is a product that can quickly eliminate the pain caused by osteoarthritis and bone necrosis. Reduces muscle spasm and inflammation.
  • Duston Gel is also effective in relieving pain in cases of osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis because it reduces cartilage tissue degeneration and improves metabolism, promotes the enhancement of joint cartilage.
  • If used regularly, the pain of bones, joints and spine is reduced.

3. There is only one cause of joint diseases

  • Dr. Alfred Müller: Here, Arthritis is still treated with outdated and ineffective drugs, which need to be taken continuously throughout life. Whereas in Germany, joint diseases are treated as easily as a cold.”

    * You said that what you saw in Chile shocked you. Can you comment on it?

  • First of all I want to say that I really like Chile, its culture and its citizens. But the medical situation here really shocked German doctors. His drugs have a lag of at least 20, maybe 30 years. At least, in the treatment of diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system. It can be said that rheumatology does not exist as a science in Chile.
  • However, these drugs do not treat common diseases and cartilages, they only relieve the symptoms of the disease: pain, inflammation, swelling. Now imagine what is happening in the body. When you take a pill, apply an anesthetic gel, or inject it, the pain goes away. But once the medicine wears off, the pain comes back right away
  • And pain is an important signal, it signals the joint is in the process of disease. By simply reducing pain, the affected joints will be further impacted. The destruction process is accelerated by 3-5 times and eventually leads to irreversible changes, complete immobilization and disability.
  • This joint pain reliever hasn’t been used in Europe for over 20 years. Painkillers are used only in severe cases, very rarely, and with great care. In Germany, they are sold by prescription only and are subject to strict medical control.
  • Obviously, it is much more beneficial to continuously sell high-priced remedies to get rid of the symptoms than to cure the disease forever, to restore damaged joints, but it’s horrible!

    * And how are things going in Germany with the treatment of joints?

  • All German doctors, from professor-specialist rheumatologists to family doctors and ordinary medical staff, have long understood that it is not necessary to eliminate the influence of the disease but the cause.
  • Its multiplier. It is the guarantee of a complete, quick and safe healing. What are the main causes of joint injuries? It is the deposition of crystals in the joints due to disorders of blood circulation and synovial fluid.

    * Urate is the salt of uric acid that causes gout.

  • The bone-forming substance, calcined salt, is the cause of the remaining 97% of bone and joint diseases. Which are all types of arthritis and paresis, osteonecrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, bursitis and even hygroma. All of these diseases have one cause: the deposition of bone-forming substances.
  • Salt settles on the surface of joints, acting as if sandpaper is grinding the surrounding tissues – bone and cartilage. As they grow older, the salt crystals begin to damage muscle tissue, tendons, blood vessels, and capillaries. Causes inflammation, infection, swelling and severe pain.
  • In careless cases, the large accumulation of these salts can easily break part of a bone with sudden movement, thereby causing total disability and permanent joint immobilization.
  • A misconception and very dangerous is that calcium is useful for bones and joints. Yes, calcium is helpful, but only for HEALTHY joints. When joints are already painful or squeaky, it means a layer of bone-forming substance has formed and calcium, in addition to strengthening bone tissue, strengthens these salt-forming substances, exacerbating and accelerating their development.
  • This is why German rheumatologists primarily restore blood circulation in the affected joint, so that the salts that have accumulated over the years are eliminated. This will restore normal synovial fluid circulation and begin the repair process of joint tissues.

    * What advice would you give to Chileans affected by joints?

  • Normal people, especially those over 50 years old, have delayed periods more than other people. It’s not your fault, it’s just the health system
  • But fortunately, there is still a way out. We agreed with him at one of the Rheumatology Centers about the possibility of distributing this remedy to all Chilean citizens with joint problems. A special official website has been created where any resident of Chile can order Duston Gel almost for free!
  • We have been distributing Duston Gel for three months. Thousands of Chileans took advantage of this opportunity. We asked everyone who received Duston Gel to rate the effectiveness of the drug on a scale of 0 to 10. ‍
  • As you can see, Duston Gel has helped restore mobility and get rid of pain for thousands of people and almost for free! You may also be among them.

    * How long will the preferential delivery of this wonderful ointment last?

  • Until the end of the dedicated period. But I want to warn you that there are very few units left. There are more orders with each day. The “word of mouth” method works, people spread information, advise friends, order topical medicine for relatives.
  • I advise everyone with joint problems to sign up to the website to receive the recommended Duston Gel until it is over. And always remember that our health is the most important and precious thing we have.

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