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Dr. Form (AZ) – You can lose weight automatically!


Dr. Form – Lose weight 2 months /15 Kg, not harmful to health.

  • The fastest and safest way to lose weight.
  • Substantial results within a week.
  • Many additional positive results.
  • Clinically proven results.
  • Environmentally friendly production using unique technology.
  • Quick results:
    + Lose weight from 15-22 kg per month.
    + 100% natural ingredients.
    + Does not affect the cardiovascular and nervous system.
    + Affects body fat.
    + Dr. Form detoxifies the intestines, purifies the body, restores the function of the digestive tract, liver and biliary tract.

Price: 42 AZN

1. Why Dr. Form for such high efficiency?

  • Peony Tea
    Clean the intestines to remove toxins, purify the body, restore the function of the digestive tract, liver and gallbladder. Dr.Form – will help you adjust your weight and feel lighter!
  • Tea
    Stimulates the central nervous system and heart, increases efficiency and activity, eliminates fatigue and depression. Improves the condition of the skin, blood vessels, prevents the formation of blood clots.
  • Kinoa
    The abundance of vegetable protein makes this cereal one of the most suitable foods for a vegetarian diet. In contrast, the fiber in cereals provides a feeling of fullness and normalizes digestive functions.
  • Olive leaf
    Increases thermogenesis component in the body, helping to burn excess fat more strongly. Many athletes take olive leaf supplements for weight loss.
  • Rice
    Rice is a fiber supplier, which penetrates the intestines, prevents its absorption and then removes harmful substances (enteric toxins and endotoxins) from the body.
  • Goji berries
    Even after eating a small piece, goji berries will provide energy for the body. You can use fruits with rich mineral content to lose weight quickly.
  • Sweet grass leaves
    Stevia leaves help in protein synthesis, burn carbohydrate and fat reserves, thus helping in weight loss.
  • Echinacea
    Echinacea increases the level of oxygen in the blood. Increases the production of erythropoietin in the bone marrow, which accelerates the production of red blood cells and increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
  • Tef seeds
    Tef seeds help with weight loss. Vitamins of groups A, E, K, PP, group B (B1, B2, B5, B6) and especially vitamin C are very useful for stimulating immunity.
  • To lose weight, Dr. Form allows you to lose weight quickly, simply and without affecting your health! Clinical trials have shown that Dr. Form significantly increases the effectiveness of any diet and allows you to lose weight, even if other methods of weight loss do not help!

2. How long do you need to lose weight?

  • Within a week you will see the first results of using Dr.Form. Dr.Form clients lose an average of 5-7 kg per month.
  • The longer you drink the tea, the thinner you will be. More significant results can be achieved when Dr.Form is combined with diet or exercise. Interestingly, tea not only helps with weight loss, but also stabilizes the results already achieved. The lost weight won’t come back for a long time!
  • Additional features of Dr. Form:
    + Supplement vitamins and minerals needed by the body
    + It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems
    + Improve skin, hair and nails
    + Supply energy to the body, improve mood, increase efficiency
    + Boost immunity
  • Effective weight loss has been confirmed by leading nutritionists!
    Dr. The form contains herbs that help you lose weight as soon as possible without harming the body. The effectiveness of tea has been proven in practice. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Form to my patients.

3. What do testers say?

  • Mahira, 43 years old, Kalbajar
    “Tea was amazing! I have tried a lot for 20 years to lose weight, but I have never had such effect. In total, I lost 35 kg in six months! I’ve dreamed of it all my life! And finally, I achieved my dream! ”
  • Ceyhun, 31 years old, Sabirabad
    “It was probably the best decision I’ve made in years. I saw results the next day when the scale showed -1 kg. I lost 16 kg in 2 months. I continued. course.
  • Laman Amirova, 28 years old, Barda
    “It was simply our announcement then. I lost 7 kg in 3 weeks. At the same time, I feel great. I drink tea instead. I plan to lose another 20 kg, and have everything. reason to believe it will work.

4. The secret of a slim and healthy body

  • Monks are always slim, healthy, fit and live long. Their secret is tefa seeds, quinoa seeds and goji berries, which are frequently used in their kitchen.
    Scientists later discovered that these products have powerful fat-burning properties that, when taken together, have health benefits and keep you young for a long time.
  • Tefa seeds, quinoa seeds and goji berries Dr. Peonies are the ingredients used in tea, making it an excellent source of flavor, antioxidants, macro and micronutrients.
    These ingredients stimulate beta receptors and accelerate lipolysis – the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. In addition, Dr. Form contains strong detergent fibers. Cleanses the body of toxins, improves the body’s self-healing ability, and improves digestion.
  • You have never lost weight like this. No need to count calories!
    This slimming tea is rich in healthy fiber, packed with antioxidants, flavor and powerful natural fat burners. This is what distinguishes it from regular tefa and quinoa sold in stores.
    The action of these natural factors stimulates natural fat burning and accelerates the process by 6 times. Fatigue exercises don’t have the same effect, according to scientists.

5. The secret to my lean body structure is Dr. Forms! So easy!

  • You should usually take it once a day in the morning. Then, none of the calories you take in for the day will be converted to fat. You can imagine? This is something like a dream!
  • “No way! Is it really that simple?” I said under my breath.
  • “Believe it or not, it’s your choice. If you want trouble, make life difficult. You want to know how I lost weight, and I told you everything. Now you know it.
    I am not a salesperson. I do not want to encourage you to buy this tea, if you want, you can. “try it, if you don’t want to, just drink water, what if you don’t eat, what about you. By the way, would you like a cake? “Aynur asked me, handing me my favorite cake.
  • “No, thank you very much. I’d better go.”
  • At the time, I never thought that these 1.5 hours would completely change my life…
    We gave each other our phone numbers and I went home. I spent 1.5 hours in Aynurgil. At the time, I never thought that these 1.5 hours would completely change my life…
  • I decided to run home. Dr. Aynur opened the calculator from the website given to me. I ordered the forms . My dream package was delivered in three days and I started my weight loss journey!
  • I measured my weight. Weight stopped at 88.4 kg . Since that day, a doctor on the table in the morning. It will be a form of tea.
  • The next day I weighed myself again, this time it was 88.5 kg. More than 100 grams! I can hardly say I am disappointed. I panicked.
  • I started calling Aynura.
  • “Sure, calm down. Weight starts to drop after 4-5 days. Just drink tea and don’t think about weight for the next 5 days and you’ll see results,” Aynur replied, voice convincing. .
  • Thus, Dr. I continue to drink tea. I can’t say that I have to change my eating habits very much. In fact, I eat whatever I want, and I don’t play sports at all.
    The only thing that has changed in my life is the coffee I drink in the morning, the best tea I drink in my life, Dr. I had to replace it with a .
    Then I waited impatiently for what would happen. Honestly, I don’t believe that I can lose weight without making any lifestyle changes.
  • By day 6, I approached the scales and my legs were shaking with excitement. I gained weight and closed my eyes. I looked on in horror, but after a few seconds I suddenly opened my eyes. The scale shows 83.3 kg.
  • In the first 5 days, I lost 5 kg 100 grams without any change in my diet and without any sports activities.
    I memorized these first success numbers. It’s unbelievable! My heart is pounding, so excited I can’t breathe! I did it !!!!
  • I forbid myself to weigh myself, but I can feel that I have lost weight without weighing it. Sometimes I feel a pleasant warmth in my arms, belly, and thighs. For a long time, I had a high energy level that I didn’t have. The feeling of fatigue that I always felt was gone.
  • A week later, when I weighed myself, I almost passed out. 74.4 kg. In other words, I lost 9 kg of weight in a week.
  • In 12 days, I weigh 13 kg, lose 700 grams!!!
    Imagine such sudden weight loss. Imagine how you would feel. Imagine what it feels like to like yourself. Then you will be able to understand how I felt at that time.
  • Of course, I noticed that my card was too loose. But I had no idea that I lost 14 pounds in less than 2 weeks, I just couldn’t believe my eyes!

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