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Diet Flat (CL) – Lose weight but still love to eat sweets


Diet Flat – The most popular fat burning product in the world!

  • Absorb fat and convert it into energy.
  • Remove waste and toxins from the body.
  • Suppresses appetite and provides energy.
  • Remove excess fluid from the body.
  • Production of dopamine (the hormone of happiness).
  • Use the product before breakfast and dinner, or before going to bed. It stimulates metabolism, provides energy for an energetic life and is in addition beneficial to the body.
  • The slimming cycle is one month. This period is enough to achieve impressive results.

Price: 29990 CLP

1. Diet Flat transforms your body!

  • L-carnitine
    The powerful fat burner helps to stimulate the breakdown of subcutaneous fat in problem areas, while boosting energy and activity levels.
  • Green coffee
    Activate lipase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down fat deposits; fights cellulite, helps maintain skin elasticity and prevents sagging during intensive weight loss.
  • Cromo
    It normalizes metabolism, accelerates the burning of visceral fat and promotes safe weight loss.
  • Caffeine
    It helps break down brown fat, normalize blood sugar, neutralize bad cholesterol, help control appetite and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Taurine
    Neutralizes the effects of malnutrition, reduces calorie consumption, helps maintain muscle mass and helps build a lean muscle mass.
  • Phaseolus vulgaris
    Reduces cravings, eliminates the desire to eat sweets, prevents weight gain, normalizes carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and helps maintain a normal weight.

2. Stories about our customers

  • Rocio Segura 30 years old, Santiago
    I am only 30 years old, but recently I weigh more than 80 kg. I also have a lot of my stomach issues, so not every diet is right for me. It is difficult to find quality dietary products in our small town.
    I never did sports – I just didn’t like to exercise, but everything changed when I found out about Diet Flat V. Its ingredients are natural. This impressed me and convinced me to start using it. The manufacturer also recommends drinking 1.5 liters of water per day. I followed all the instructions for a whole month and I finally saw the results! It was really great.
    During this time, I completely refreshed my wardrobe, But the most important thing is that I have a new boyfriend! Flowers, dating, walking with the full moon!
    I thought I would never have all of this in my life! I am considering continuing treatment. Then I will repeat again to improve and maintain the results.
  • Carolina Jimenez 30 years old, Valparaiso
    After giving birth to my 3rd child, I couldn’t get back in shape. The hips, the fat on the legs, the splits… all of this bothers me a lot, but there’s nothing I can do about it. The thing is, as a mom of three, I don’t have a lot of free time… dieting isn’t a good option for me either as I’m allergic to almost everything.
    Also, I’m breastfeeding. Therefore, choosing a suitable diet is not so easy. My neighbor told me that her niece got rid of fat from her hips, legs and sides after giving birth with the help of Diet Flat V.
    The website says she can lose 40 pounds in a month. The truth is I didn’t believe it at first. How is it possible? Just 2 capsules per day and the kilos disappear on their own, how is it possible? Anyway, I checked its composition, which is completely natural, and read the reviews, all of which are positive.
    I decided to give it a go. A week later, I started to feel the first changes. I became more active, my sleep improved. Maybe it was a pure chance, but my mood also improved.
    Within two weeks I noticed some very drastic changes and I couldn’t wear the jeans I wore before my first pregnancy again! My husband is crazy about these changes and won’t leave me alone. I’m afraid to plan another baby.
    Now I know how to get in shape after pregnancy. How is it possible? Anyway, I checked its composition, which is completely natural, and read the reviews, all of which are positive. I decided to give it a go. A week later, I started to feel the first changes. I became more active, my sleep improved.
  • Pepa Lobrego 34 years old, Concepcion
    Until I turned 27, I was actively engaged in staying in shape – I felt pretty good and healthy, but years and hormonal changes went unnoticed. I have no energy nor do I want to do sports and diet.
    I had to refresh my wardrobe, buying clothes one size larger. Then another size and another… I was able to get even fatter when my friend brought me Diet Flat V and told me to take it daily. In addition, he also advised me to drink more water. The truth is, I didn’t really believe it.
    Imagine my surprise when, a month later, I was able to wear my old clothes again! Moreover, I feel confident and full of energy! My skin looks much younger. I don’t know if it’s because of Diet Flat V or just a coincidence that the scales don’t lie! I even think I have become 10 years younger!
  • Gloria 26 years old, La Serena
    I was overweight and had a lot of folds after giving birth. Also, the joy of motherhood comes with varicose veins, so I have to forget about hitting the gym, but how do I lose that extra weight without working out?
    I was eating healthy, but it didn’t help. I found out about Diet Flat V from a girl in the playground. All he does is brag all day: “Diet Flat V! Diet Flat V! How much weight I lost with Diet Flat V.” So I decided to go ahead and order this capsule.
    Honestly, I really don’t know what’s going on. Anyway, I decided to try it despite everything. I have no regrets at all! I was back to my pre-pregnancy shape in a month. I just order more to keep improving the results. The moms looked at me suspiciously because they couldn’t believe my change was due to Diet Flat V, but I think they asked for it too.

3. Start doing with Diet Flat

  • Day 1-2
    You notice that you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and rested
  • Day 4-7
    Your body begins to rebuild itself, improving digestion and reducing cravings
  • Day 9-11
    Metabolism kicks in quickly and you start to wear a little smaller clothes
  • Day 17-22
    You feel a surge of energy throughout your body. Your health has improved and your body has been purified. Cellulite is gone and skin becomes elastic
  • The 28th and later
    Your body has been completely cleansed and transformed. Excess fat has been burned, skin is firmed, now you can wear sexy tights

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