DIATEA (BA) – Stabilize blood sugar and treat diabetes


Diatea – SAVE Yourself From Certain Death!

  • Diabetes inevitably affects internal organs and leads to slow death.
  • 78% of diabetic patients die from complications of the disease.
  • Remember, the truth is simple, don’t listen to anyone: you can cure your diabetes and you can stabilize your blood sugar once and for all, at any age and at any stage of your blood sugar.

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2. How can diabetes be fatal?

First, to mention the classic complications of diabetes – diabetic coma, necrosis of limbs, gangrene, decreased vision, impotence, ketoacidosis, hypoglycemia. They often appear during the development of diabetes, and are most often fatal. If we take a closer look, the complications are:

  • Ketoacidosis:

Effects: Loss of consciousness, sudden disturbances in the functioning of vital organs. Dead.

  • Hypoglycemia:

Effects: Loss of consciousness, short-term spikes in blood sugar, no response to light, acute sweating and convulsions. Extreme is coma.

  • Hyperosmotic coma:

Effects: Urinating a lot (thirst a lot), polyuria (urinating a lot).

  • Lactic acid coma:

Effects: Loss of consciousness, respiratory tract damage, decreased blood pressure, lack of urination. Accompanied by cardiovascular failure.

3. In 2-3 years a few complications may appear:

  1. Retinopathy – an injury to the retina that can later lead to bleeding in the back of the eye and detachment of the retina. Over time can lead to complete loss of vision. Retinopathy is most common in people with type II diabetes. The patient is completely blind.
  2. Arterial disease. The permeability of blood vessels is dramatically reduced, they become fragile. A tendency to thrombosis and atherosclerosis Internal bleeding or cerebral hemorrhage can occur at any time.
  3. Polyneuropathy. Loss of sensitivity to pain and heat in the extremities. It usually develops in the form of “gloves and socks”, which are visible on the lower and upper extremities at the same time. The first symptoms are shivering and tingling in the limbs, then intensifying at night. Losing control of limbs.
  4. Diabetic feet. A complication in which a diabetic’s lower extremities develop open sores, discharge, or necrosis (death). Leads to amputation or death.


  1. Increases insulin production in the pancreas.
  2. Increases insulin activity.
  3. Reduce intestinal glucose absorption.
  4. Reduce blood fat, lower blood pressure.
  5. Stabilize blood sugar.

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