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Dia Pure (RS) – An effective treatment for diabetes


Dia Pure – Avoid complications from diabetes.

  • Every diabetics is rotting inside!
  • Potassium deficiency in the body is the only reason leading to the occurrence of diabetes.
  • By stabilizing blood sugar levels and using effective diabetes treatments, complications and death can be avoided.
  • The treatment of diabetes is very complex and is done only with preparations that not only reduce the amount of sugar, but also provide safety for the whole body.

Price: 3980 RSD

1. Results after taking Dia Pure:

  • Balanced blood sugar level – 98%
  • Reduce hunger and thirst – 97%
  • Reduces symptoms of diabetes (improves vision, relieves joint pain, etc.) – 99%
  • Increased ability to work, more energy – 74%

2. Classic complications of diabetes:

  • Ketosis: Loss of consciousness, sudden vital organ failure, death.
  • Hypoglycemia: Loss of consciousness, sudden spike in blood sugar, decreased response to light, intense sweating and convulsions. There is also an extreme coma state.
  • Hyponeural coma: Diabetes mellitus (excessive thirst), dysuria (frequent urination).
  • Diabetic coma (ketotic coma): Loss of consciousness, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, incomplete urination. Cardiovascular disorders.

3. Other complications may occur, such as:

  1. Retinal pathology. It is damage to the retina that can lead to bleeding and separation of the retina from the rest of the eye. Over time, it can lead to complete vision loss. Retinopathy most commonly occurs in patients with type II diabetes. The patient becomes completely blind.
  2. Arterial pathology. The permeability of blood vessels decreases sharply and they become brittle. There is a predisposition to thrombosis and atherosclerosis. Internal bleeding or bleeding in the brain can happen at any time.
  3. Polyneuropathy. Loss of sensation of pain and heat. It often develops as a “glove and sock” syndrome and occurs simultaneously in the upper and lower body. Initial symptoms include numbness and a burning sensation in the fingertips, which are much worse at night. This leads to loss of control over the organs.
  4. Diabetic feet. A complication in which diabetics develop open ulcers, purulent nodules, and necrotic (dead) parts of the lower extremities. This can lead to amputation or even death.

4. Dia Pure works to relieve pain for diabetics!

  • It acts like a butterfly’s wings, triggering a cascade of healing responses, regenerating internal organs and improving overall health. From healing blood vessels to restoring vision and joints.
  • Easy to wake up: Wake up in the morning and jump out of bed – you don’t have to get up, massage your tight legs, stretch your back and neck. From the morning, your body will be full of energy and strength.
  • Great health and mood: All day. You sleep well and enough. You feel full of energy. You don’t have to go to the bathroom all night. No more pain or itching.
  • Good breakfast: Your menu will increase significantly. You no longer have to follow a strict diet. You will get to taste every dish you have ever dreamed of. There is no low-carbohydrate diet. Enjoy the taste of your favorite food!
  • Huge energy: You no longer have to worry about your feet when going out, walking is no longer a strenuous task, you can walk or run all day without fatigue or swelling. Sandals, shoes, socks won’t get stuck to your swollen feet like a sausage fork.
  • Absolute peace: You will be really calm and relaxed. There is no pain that constantly swallows you up, preventing you from focusing on other things. When nothing hurts, things, sounds, smells will appear with new colors that have long been forgotten.
  • Great visibility: Even poor vision will begin to recover gradually. What was once invisible will become visible. You can see the bus figures again in the distance, you can admire the beauty of nature again.

And most importantly, you will prolong your life! At the same time, even in old age, you will feel healthy and full of energy. You don’t have to burden your family with your care. You will be able to take care of yourself.

5. How diabetes destroys you from the inside:

  • Loss of vision. Diabetes can make a person blind. And he remained blind forever. It is not possible to normalize vision destroyed by diabetes, even with the help of laser surgery, because detachment of the retina occurs due to multiple hemorrhages.
  • Kidneys have been destroyed. Sugar simply clogs the urinary tract. Therefore, the environment in the kidney becomes very sweet. Sugar is similar to a preservative. Kidney conservation. And they are slowly dying. Chronic kidney failure is just the tip of the iceberg. The kidneys may stop working completely.
  • Joints lose mobility. Joint fluid ensures joint mobility. When blood vessels no longer feed the joints, joint fluid is no longer produced. Dry and rotting joints. One has to face pain that one cannot bear. Even painkillers didn’t help. The connection is completely closed. Humans lose the ability to move independently.
  • The nervous system is collapsing. Nerves, like many other organs, take on too much sugar. Over time, diabetics develop mental confusion and emotional imbalance. He is often depressed, does not like anything. It wants to fall asleep.
  • The skin begins to rot! It was terribly dry at first, with cracks, then eczema and finally ulcers. Muscles and bones rot because of the skin. An unpleasant odor occurs. They all end up in a state of necrosis.

6. Worried doctors are taking on patients:

    * Dr. Stefan Damjanac:

  • Today, basimetformin preparations are practically the basis of most treatments. Also, this is a misconception of uninformed patients and doctors. Metformin is a pathway to illness and premature death. It is not about treatment. If you go to the doctor for type 2 diabetes, and he prescribes treatment based on these preparations, run away from such a doctor.
  • All these preparations increase the level of insulin in the blood to critical points. Due to such insulin, the blood clots like condensed milk. In large amounts, insulin causes enormous damage to the body. It literally destroys the liver, kidneys and other excretory organs. In terms of consistency and effects, insulin is similar to stomach acid. Imagine what would happen if stomach acid filled the internal organs. It will burn because of acid!
  • The level of insulin increases, which destroys cells, stimulates their abnormal division and leads to the appearance of cancers. For this reason, according to statistics, CANCER occurs in 28% of diabetics.
  • In addition, high levels of insulin lead to rapid blockage of blood vessels with cholesterol because due to insulin, thickened blood flows very slowly. As a result, the blood vessels fill up with cholesterol, which eventually leads to high blood pressure. 98% of diabetics have high blood pressure. There are many other problems with the cardiovascular system.

    * List of dangerous consequences of metformin therapy

  • Digestive disorders (most commonly diarrhea, heartburn, belching, stomach ulcers)
  • High blood pressure – high blood pressure, especially at night, headache, ringing in the ears, episodes of fear.
  • Cirrhosis – the liver fuses into the connective tissues and no longer filters the blood and toxins that flood the entire body
  • Kidney stones caused by excreting too much salt and sugar
  • Cancer
  • Stillborn due to organ destruction
  • Blind
  • The development of the disease, of course, depends on the duration of taking the drug and the amount of preparation, as well as on the individual characteristics of the person.

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