Currimunox (ID) – Your liver is completely protected


Currimunox – Health for your liver.

  • Currimunox regenerates liver cells.
  • Clean up the blood.
  • Increase metabolism.
  • Balance hormone levels in the body again.
  • Currimunox helps to strengthen and restore immunity and increase the body’s defenses by nourishing the liver.
  • Currimunox capsules protect the liver, support gentle body purification, stimulate cell regeneration, increase the body’s resistance against infections and toxins.

Price:  550.000 Rp

1. Natural ingredients of Currimunox:

  • Cinnamon: Strengthen, accelerate blood circulation, expand bile ducts, destroy inflammation, accelerate liver cell regeneration.
  • Curcuma: Has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, improves digestive function, stimulates bile production.
  • Gotu kola leaves: Improving digestive function, purifying blood, increasing immunity, destroying inflammation, increasing the resistance of the liver to external bad agents.
  • Meniran Green: Strengthen and rejuvenate liver cells, accelerate the regeneration process, increase blood vessel elasticity, lower cholesterol.

2. Experts have confirmed the effectiveness

Gilang Rachmawan – The hepatobiliary doctor

  • Currimunox will protect the body from external adverse factors and remove harmful substances from the blood. The liver functions like a filter, and of course this filter has to be cleaned from time to time.
  • Currimunox will protect our liver, repair damaged cells and help fight the risk of other serious diseases. Currimunox is proven to be able to treat liver, cirrhosis, and toxic hepatitis effectively.
  • Currimunox is designed to help protect and restore liver function in a relatively short time.

3. An effective natural product to strengthen and support liver function

  • Air pollution, bad habits, unhealthy foods, GMO foods, infections – all these have a negative effect on the liver and weaken the immune system.
  • All of this leaves us constantly exposed to illness, poisoning, and complications. In this situation, our body needs consistent protection – Currimunox capsules.

4. Neutralizes pathogenic microorganisms – viruses, bacteria and fungi

  • Protect the liver, support liver function and accelerate tissue regeneration
  • Overcome the toxic effects of toxic substances and nicotine on the body
  • Normalizes the microflora and reduces the risk of infectious diseases
  • Stimulates natural regeneration and rejuvenation of blood cells

5. Natural treatment for liver health: 100% natural extracts, with curcumin as the main active ingredient

  • Repair body damage: Help restore liver cells, prevent degenerative liver disease, prevent the formation of gallstones
  • Protection from Toxins: Eliminates various effects caused by exposure to harmful substances and toxins, binding and removing them from the body
  • Prevents inflammation: Natural antibiotic, has powerful antibacterial properties
  • Helps rejuvenate: Powerful anti-oxidant, supports liver function, helps promote liver cell regeneration, strengthens capillary walls
  • Kills pathogenic microorganisms: Normalizes the microflora, inhibits the activity of pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Increases immune defense: Stimulates the rejuvenation of blood cells, improves blood quality, strengthens the body’s natural defenses
  • Ensure cell regeneration: Restore cell membranes, accelerate cell regeneration, strengthen the immune system, slow down the aging process of the body
  • Lowers cholesterol levels: Cleans blood and blood vessels from cholesterol, prevents the development of atherosclerosis
  • Overcome vitamin deficiency: Strengthens the immune system, improves overall health, contains all the minerals and vitamins needed by the body

6. They have proven the effectiveness of this product

  • Beautiful Novianti: My husband and I like to drink beer in the evening. I’m not surprised that this bad habit ends up affecting our health, our skin looks dull and the whites of our eyes turn yellow. Physical examination revealed a degraded liver and symptoms of cirrhosis. I have tried medications for the liver but these only temporarily relieve the symptoms that come back after the treatment is over. A few months ago I took Currimunox, I feel much healthier and my test results have improved.
  • Ayu Permatasari: I have had liver disease for many years, which is passed down in our family. One expert recommends products that protect the liver, help stimulate normal liver function and support it. The problem is that a single dose of these drugs costs a lot of money, plus their use requires specialist supervision. Then my sister suggested me to take Currimunox, it is a natural capsule without any side effects. Although I couldn’t get rid of all the symptoms at once, two weeks after taking it my condition improved a lot. The pain on the right side of the stomach disappeared, the skin condition improved, digestion became normal. This is the best product I have ever tried.
  • Indra Prawira: I live in Jakarta and work outdoors all day. I eat erratically, mostly fast food and carbonated drinks. I rarely eat normally because I’m always on the go. Recently, I feel a sharp pain in the right abdomen. Then I went to a specialist, the doctor said I had liver disease. At my age, I have to maintain a diet and moreover give up fast food, greasy, spicy, fried foods and carbonated drinks. The doctor gave me a prescription and told me to go on a strict diet, but I decided to find my own way and ordered Currimunox – natural capsules. I felt my condition improved on the fifth day after starting the treatment and after 1.5 weeks all the symptoms that I felt before were gone. This is a great product, I am planning to take this series of care products for the second time.
  • Yudi Hermawan: Recently I was seriously ill and had to take strong antibiotics. This antibiotic kills my immune system, every 2-3 weeks I feel sick. The health coach advised me to boost my immune system and support my liver, which is under a lot of stress when I take these medications. With this product, I no longer face the risk of toxicity and cell degeneration, which is why I decided to order Currimunox. Here’s my review – it’s an inexpensive product, all natural, easy to use and practical, and gives great results. Now I feel very well, no bitterness in my mouth, it has been 3 months since I have no pain anymore, that makes me very happy. A big thank you to my health coach for recommending this brand to me and to the people who created this recipe.
  • Lidya Sembiring: Finally, I have found the right product to protect my body from infection, junk food and toxins. My husband always orders delicious food, and he loves the fatty fried meat. Of course I was always tempted and often ate with him, even though that food was very unhealthy. Then I saw an ad for Currimunox, a product for liver protection, and decided to try it out as a precaution. We have only been taking these capsules for 1.5 weeks, but we are already feeling much healthier. This is a very useful product for everyone!

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