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Cristyler (GT) – Say “stop” hair loss!


Almost a third of people over the age of 30 experience hair loss. Cristyler will help you:

  • Prevent hair loss.
  • Prevent baldness.
  • Promotes hair growth and thickens hair.
  • Volume recovery.
  • Restores your hair’s natural shine and strength.


  • For prevention: Apply lotion 1-2 times a week.
  • Anti-hair loss: Apply 10 drops of lotion to dry scalp and massage. Use 3-4 times a week. If you like, you can apply lotion at night before going to bed. You just need to wash your hair the next day. But that is not necessary, the lotion is not greasy and has a pleasant fresh scent.

Price:  280 GTQ

1. Your hair gets caught in the comb. Why is this happening to you?

  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Grow old
  • Poor immune system
  • Lack of vitamins
  • Lack of protein
  • Hypothermia
  • Use of aggressive agents, antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy
  • Regularly dye, perm and style your hair
  • Improper hair and scalp care
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Consequences of pregnancy and lactation

2. Many reasons. A solution.

  • Hair growth and strengthening products are only effective in the early stages of hairloss
  • In 2020, Product is created – the first lotion against all types of hairloss
  • Product contains highly active organic ingredients that promote cell division (cell division in hair follicles) and the lotion even stops hair loss by 80%.
  • The cells of the damaged hair follicle are repaired and restored to their function, namely the production of new hair.
  • As a result, hair will grow even in bald spots. And with regular use, Product stimulates the formation of new hair follicles.

3. The product works in three stages:

  • Phase I: Restoration of the hair follicles. Heals micro-damages of hair follicles and scalp. Wake up the “sleeping” follicles.
  • Phase II: Enhances hair growth. Cristyler plant molecules prolong the anagen phase (active hair growth phase) by 3 times.
  • Phase III: Makes hair shiny and strong again. Accelerates the synthesis of keratin – a building protein for hair. Provides softness, density and strength, making combing easier.

4. Result:

     1 month later:

  • stop hairloss
  • new hair growth on bald spots
  • awaken the reserve “sleeping” follicles

     2 months later:

  • increase in length and thickness of hair
  • increase root mass
  • obvious effect for others

     3 months later:

  • constantly growing new hair
  • slow aging and hairloss
  • Stable results: strengthens hair, restores natural softness, shine and volume

5. The #1 choice of hair restoration professionals

  • Without Cristyler, I still think 90% of hair loss is irreversible.
  • But scientists have done a miracle: create a product that is free of “chemicals” and hormones, only extracts of herbs and oils, that work to stop hairloss and restore hair hair growth, including bald spots.
  • There are many men and women with partial and complete hair loss among my clients.
  • Everyone is jealous of their hair after using Product for just 1-2 months. With their permission, I will display these images here.

        Diana Pijlmans, Hair Stylist

6. Ingredient:

  • Chestnut Extract: Restores the skin flora on the head. It restores the natural pH and strengthens the hair follicles to prevent hairloss
  • Witch Hazel Extract: Nourishes and strengthens hair. Makes hair thicker, stronger, smoother and shinier
  • Ginkgo biloba extract: Improves blood circulation on the scalp so that the hair follicles grow more actively. It contains zinc that reduces sebum production, keeping hair fresh for up to 3 days
  • Goji Berry Extract: It contains vitamin E, which makes hair stronger and easier to handle
  • Ginger Oil: It stimulates hair growth and makes masks and other products much more effective

7. Customer Feedback

  • Linda, 29 years old: I started going bald after breastfeeding. Good thing I heard about Product in time – I didn’t even have to go to the hairdresser! After maternity leave, I’m back to work with perfectly beautiful hair!
  • Jan, 29 years old: I’m tired of shaving my head every time! I bought Product and now I can buy a classic men’s hairstyle
  • Dirk 36 years old: Premature baldness was determined to be hereditary in my family. I’m one step ahead of nature with Product. You won’t believe it, but my dad went completely bald at 25, and I still wear my hair in a ponytail!
  • Bela: Thanks for your advice! My husband is also getting bald … There is a hairless spot on the back of his head and a few locks of hair on the sides of his head. He looks completely asexual!
  • Alex: Your husband does not care about her at all. I am the opposite type of him: I get sad and develop complexes when I become bald prematurely. I’ve already tried so many things – nothing works. If this lotion helps me, I will find you thankful!
  • John: I have the same problem – I’m getting bald. But short hair does not suit me. I have a year looking for a hair growth product. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Eva: I am in love with this lotion. I have been using it for a year! It is affordable and effective. Highly recommended for anyone who is already bald or becoming bald

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