Complexia – Everything you need to lose weight fast.

  • Burn fat quickly and naturally.
  • Reduce cravings in a healthy way.
  • Attractive appearance and always healthy.
  • Complexia – Lose weight in healthy ways in 21 days!

Price: 490.000 Rp

1. FAST WEIGHT LOSS thanks to Complexia:

  • DAY 7: Obesity is reduced, fat buildup begins to break down. A 1-3 inch waistline usually occurs with more than 7 days of dieting.
  • DAY 14: Bloated abdomen becomes flat, weight loss 2-4 kg. You feel lighter and full of energy!
  • DAY 28: Weight dropped suddenly, size 48 clothes dropped to 44. Waistline lost more than 4 inches, total weight lost 9 kg!
  • DAY 60: Steady weight loss up to 40 kg. Now you can wear size 42 clothes. Skin condition has been significantly improved, looking youthful and firm.

2. Stay healthy together

  • Fat from the hips and abdomen is not only unsightly, but also immediately endangers your health!
  • In the abdomen there are very important internal organs: the reproductive organs, the liver, the kidneys, the intestines, all of which need to be protected. That is what lipid layer is made of, is where this layer is made up of fat cells.
  • And as the abdomen enlarges, these fat cells grow out of control and begin to wrap around the blood vessels, blocking the circulation of lymph and blood vessels, starting to approach internal organs, which leads to. various serious illnesses.
  • Various natural plant components activate metabolism in the body, resulting in excess fat from consumed food being excreted after it has not been successfully digested. And so your body will begin to actively process “inaccessible stores” – starting with the fat inside, inside your body, and then the fat under your skin.

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