CollagenIQ (NG) – Helps you cure joint or back pain


CollagenIQ Capsules is an effective product for osteonecrosis, osteoarthritis and trauma!

  • Pain relief.
  • Stimulates cartilage regeneration.
  • Reduces muscle hypertension.
  • Reduce swelling.
  • Removes inflammation.
  • The product can quickly eliminate the pain caused by osteoarthritis and osteonecrosis. Relieve pain and inflammation, effectively treat osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis because it slows down the degeneration of cartilage tissue, while improving metabolism to promote cartilage regeneration.
  • Positive effects can be seen after the first application. With regular use, diseases of bones and joints and spine are stopped quickly.

Price: 13990 NGN

1. Product advantages for back and joints

  • Number of effects: Corrects joint and spine diseases caused by injury and age.
  • Completely safe – no side effects: Completely safe for single or regular use.
  • 100% natural ingredients: Only herbal active ingredients.
  • Highly effective: improves general condition and relieves pain after the first application.
  • Expertly Tested: Certified and meets high standards.

2. Restore your dying cartilage

  • Their main cause – lack of collagen. This is the key to health, beauty, youth and longevity.
  • Collagen is the fibrous protein on which the body’s connective tissue is based. Tendons, bones, cartilage, skin, eye corneas, blood vessel walls, teeth, liver, placenta and many other body parts include it. Another structural protein is elastin. Together, they make the skin strong and elastic, act as a framework for it, preventing sagging.
  • When you are young, collagen levels naturally recover by synthesizing protein molecules from structural elements. As you age, their levels decrease and return to zero, blocking synthesis and stopping natural regenerative processes.
  • The thin structural protein fibers cannot keep the hair and skin elastic and elastic, so the hair breaks easily and their ends slip off, a person experiences hair loss and nail deformity. You can also see wrinkles, folds, pigmentation and other problems on their skin.
  • If you don’t take preventive measures in time, the bones and cartilage will lose collagen and this leads to joint problems and a higher risk of dangerous fractures.
  • That’s why American dermatologists and estheticians first restore collagen levels and stimulate its natural synthesis. This allows to avoid unpleasant consequences such as problems with joints, bones and ligaments, slows down the aging process and prolongs youth.
  • That is why the rheumatologists of India must first restore blood circulation in the punctured joint, so that the ortho salts that have accumulated over the years are removed from it. This will restore normal synovial fluid circulation and begin the repair process of joint tissue.

3. How can a person restore collagen levels?

  • Start with the removal of its source – the lack of structural elements. Simply put, you need to provide a sufficient amount of building material for the body’s cells. This will start the natural regeneration process and restore the protein framework of the skin, helping to keep skin, hair, nails healthy, and slow down the aging process by neutralizing free radicals and helping you look younger. .
  • I recommend my patients to use CollagenIQ. These capsules contain collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. Reducing the activity of free radicals that cause structural protein degradation, the active components of the solution stimulate the regeneration of connective tissue. They promote natural collagen synthesis, thereby providing the body with a sufficient amount of structural elements.
  • Unlike analogues and topical products, CollagenIQ provides a complex effect. It not only eliminates visible symptoms, but also removes their real cause, slowing down the aging process and

    * Helps restore your beauty and youth.

  • Smoothes wrinkles, folds and fine lines.
  • Skin whitening, pigment removal.
  • Makes hair thicker and thicker, gives shine and reduces hair loss.
  • Helps to reduce hair thinning and split ends.
  • Strengthens and softens the nail bed.

4. Comment

  • Bolade: Thanks for the informative post! I ordered it for myself. I asked the consultant when the new batch of drugs will be available and he said that no one knows. The product is in high demand and the supply won’t last long! Guess I got lucky.
  • Ekon: I was one of those who tried CollagenIQ. t really good. Arthritis has tormented me for 7 years. Honestly, I was mentally prepared to just take pills and injections for the rest of my life. But after a course of taking CollagenIQ the pain was completely gone! I think everyone should try it.
  • Umar: I’m only 63, but I’ve been having problems with my knee since I turned 53. Lately, the pain has become completely unbearable. A doctor I know (a childhood friend) told me about this program and advised me to order it 3 months ago. Now I jump like a mountain goat. I probably shouldn’t though haha. What an amazing drug!
  • Adanna: I left a request. They promised in 5 days I would get it in the mail. I really hope so.
  • Sade: I think the doctors are only interested in milking us as much cash as possible and nothing else. I used to have injections every 6 months. Last fall, my doctor prescribed such strange drugs that I hesitated to inject them. She didn’t even check to see what other illnesses I had and how the drugs would interact with them. Completely indifferent and automatically prescribing drugs for which they receive money from corporations. Maybe the situation is different in other places, but I won’t take it into account. This is our medicine. Good thing we have this new Indian medicine!

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