CLERODENIX (ID) – Capsules for respiratory organ health


Clerodenix helps you avoid threats that are always at your disposal:

  • Every day more than 6000 liters of air enter through the respiratory tract; This air is full of dirt, carcinogens, viruses and harmful bacteria that settle in the lungs and slowly poison the body.
  • All this reduces our lifespan by 7-10 years!
  • Clerodenix is ​​made entirely from pine bark extract (D-galacturonic acid).
  • This product is a powerful natural antioxidant that cleans the respiratory organs from bacteria, carcinogens and resins.
  • In addition, This Product is effective in strengthening the weakened immune system and preventing the development of bronchopulmonary infections.
  • It is a natural and unique product that is effective to relieve various symptoms caused by respiratory diseases from various sources.

Price: 550.000 Rp

1. Expert Opinion: Breathe relief with this Product

  • According to statistics in 2019, diseases of the respiratory system accounted for 30% of the total number of diseases, the incidence of bronchopulmonary diseases and respiratory infections increased by 28%.
  • The respiratory organs are subjected to environmental pollution and harmful emissions from factories, household allergens and tobacco every day. The body cannot be strong and healthy without outside support.
  • I recommend this Product series of treatments to my clients. This is the most affordable and safest method to remove various harmful substances that have accumulated in the body over the years from the lungs. In addition, the product helps to strengthen the immunity of cells and protect the body from foreign microorganisms and viruses. This is especially important during flu and SARS epidemics.
  • This product does not contain any synthetic ingredients, does not require a doctor’s prescription, to help relieve unpleasant coughs, while helping to relieve chronic diseases. The acids extracted from the pine tree, phytoncides and polyphenols have the same healing properties for the respiratory system as a relaxing walk in a beautiful forest. Therefore, if you live far from nature, you should use the Product.

2. First aid tablets for lungdisease:

  • Avoid: Prevents the growth and activity of harmful microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi).
  • Relieves: Relieves various symptoms of chronic diseases of the respiratory system. Eliminates coughing, eliminates sputum and reduces mucosal edema.
  • Protection: This product has immunomodulatory properties and reduces the risk of infection during seasonal epidemics. Reduces the body’s sensitivity to various allergens.
  • For smokers: Both former smokers and passive smokers. Clean the respiratory tract of cigarette smoke, plastic matter and city smog.

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