Clavosan (IQ) – Healthy skin around nails and feet


Clavosan – All symptoms of fungus disappear.

  • Destroy fungal infections.
  • Itching, peeling and burning on the skin of the feet ceased after the first use.
  • Quickly heal cracks and inflammation on nails and feet.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors and normalizes sweat gland activity.
  • It does not allow pathogenic fungi to multiply and stop growing.
  • Normalizes immunity and helps to treat chronic fungal diseases.
  • Cleans fungal wastes from the blood and lymph.
  • This helps the body develop immunity to all known fungal bacteria.
  • No re-infection due to convenient shape.
  • After completing the treatment according to the instructions, all symptoms of the fungus disappear.

Price: 39 SAR

1. Scientists tried many recipes before discovering Clavosan:

  1. Product efficiency measured by standard method achieves:
  • Kill fungus on nails – 99.3%
  • Kill the fungus. on the foot – 99.7%
  • Clean foot skin – 95%
  • Eliminate unpleasant foot odor – 100%
  • Eliminate foot sweat – 90%
  • Cure in this case means the elimination of the fungus and its accompanying diseases, as well as the absence of recurrence of the disease for a year.
  1. No side effects, including allergic reactions, have been reported.
  2. Clavosan is considered the leading preparation in the fight against fungus on the feet and nails.


  • Ivana Petricevic (Osijek): My husband has had thrush for 3 years. Scratched feet, yellow nails, an indescribable odor. He used drops at first, then nail polish – I don’t remember the names, and then my husband went crazy and gave up because it didn’t work. On the advice of my friend, he tried the cream “Clavosan” and the results were visible after the course.
  • Damir Corak (Varazdin): Katica, have you read the article? They sell online because there are thieves in pharmacies and they want to make money from it too! And what scam could this be if it’s on sale at a 50% discount? I place an order – the postman brings it to me, I check everything, check it. It’s also at the post office, all delivered door to door. And now they sell everything online – from clothes and shoes to appliances and furniture.

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