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Chondromaris (SI) – Increases the life span of the joints


Chondromaris should be used in the following cases:

  • To prevent joint problems in the age group 30-35;
  • To protect joints during strenuous physical activity;
  • To reduce inflammation in the early stages of arthritis and osteoarthritis;
  • To quickly restore function of your joint following injury to the positioning system;
  • If your bones and joints are fragile, regardless of your age.

Price:  24 EUR

1. What are the secrets of Chondromaris medicine?

  • The active ingredient in Product is a marine collagen powder complex obtained from the scales and bones of deep sea fish.
  • The body absorbs 87% of this collagen, 30% more than traditional “bovine” collagen.
  • The peptide nano marine colagen powder gently fuses into damaged cell structures, fills them up and restores colagen balance in joints and bones.
  • Colagen-enriched bone and cartilage tissue regains strength, flexibility and mobility, while also reliably protected against premature wear.

2. Specialists

  • Product is not just marine collagen in capsules. They are fortified with magnesium stearate (stearic acid).
  • Combined with marine collagen powder complex, this ingredient acts as a local anesthetic and prevents joint destruction.
  • A 30-day Product therapy restores mobility and inhibits the development of osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease.
  • Product is a supplement to strengthen and restore joints.
  • These capsules work to strengthen the overall bone and cartilage tissue, compensate for colagen deficiencies, prevent calcium leaching and restore painless motor pleasure.

3. The importance of collagen:

  • Collagen deficiency is the cause of joint pain.
    Colagen is the protein from which your joints and ligaments are formed.
    When you’re young, your body makes this protein on its own. However, after the age of 30, this protein synthesis decreases by 1-2% per year.
  • Signs of collagen deficiency:
    – Joint pain Difficulty moving Crack in joints
    – Risk factors for joint problems
    – Hurt
    – Bolezni (atherosclerosis, diabetes, putika)
    – Professional sports
    – Overweight
    – Physically hard work
    – Sedentary lifestyle
  • Product with marine collagen provides 7 levels of support for your joints.
    – Fills colagen in damaged cellular structures
    – Decreased activity levels of osteoblasts – cells involved in the breakdown of bone and cartilage tissue
    – Increased production of osteoblasts and chondrocytes – cells that are important for the functioning of your joints, cartilage, bones and ligaments
    – Stimulates regeneration of bone and cartilage tissue
    – Improves joint mobility and elasticity, improves resistance to stress
    – Relieves chronic joint pain
    – Rehabilitation of the navigation system after injury, surgery and exercise
    30 days of Chondromaris = 2 years younger joints!

4. Are you ready to get on your bike and drive at least 10 km? Be honest.

  • What is stopping you?
    If you are over 30 – 35 years old, you will most likely answer that you have a health problem. At this age, even the healthiest of us experience joint pain after doing familiar things: after gardening or cleaning.
    However, the cause of these pains is a lack of colagen, the substance that makes up our bones and cartilage. for our bones and cartilage.
    When you’re young, your body makes this protein on its own. However, when you reach 25-28 years old, its production decreases by 1-2% per year. The result is thinner bone, muscle and cartilage tissue and jointpain. Severe collagen deficiency actually turns the joints into jelly, like in these photos.
  • Compare healthy and injured joints.
    If you tolerate or combat jointpain with pain relievers, you are at risk of developing arthritis, joint deformities and rheumatism within 4-7 years, especially if you are an athlete or do heavy lifting. .
    Strong friction in joints causes 2x faster wear, colagen is inherently scarce. As an expert, I can tell you this is not a good thing…
  • How to deal with collagen deficiency and protect joints from wear and tear?
    Unfortunately, you cannot resolve this issue yourself. If you are over 35, you can prolong the life of your joints with the help of colagen replacements and mineral complexes.
    However, not all colagen substitutes are created equal. They usually contain animal (bovine) colagen, which is obtained from the cartilage and tissues of livestock. It is an inexpensive, popular and really effective remedy when it comes to skin, hair or nail care.
    However, bovine colagen cannot strengthen your joints. Its molecules are quite large, so they cannot incorporate into bone or cartilage tissue.
    So skip any bovine colagen substitutes that they claim can protect your joints; it’s just a marketing ploy to fool customers.
  • Marine colagen, however, is something completely different.
    What is surprising is that our bones and cartilage have a structure more similar to that of a fish than that of a cow. This is especially true for deep sea fish. Colagen, extracted from the bones, organs and scales of deep sea fish, is good for humans.
    The development of deep sea fish is very dynamic. When searching for food, they move both in water warmed by the sun and in the frigid depths of the sea. Their bodies withstand the extremes of temperature and pressure on a daily basis. Therefore, colagen, which is obtained from fish scales and bones, has a unique physical and chemical “supportive” effect. Fish colagen and human collagen share the same triple helix on which colagen is based, but the two colagens have different amino acids. Therefore, marine collagen has extremely good pressure resistance (1cm herringbone withstands pressure of 300-500kg) and is stable, non-allergenic.
    When exposed to the human body, marine colagen is broken down into 19 amino acids that help strengthen your bones and cartilage, as this is exactly what they are made of.
    On average, a therapy with Product lasts 1-2 months. In severe cases, it can last up to 3 months. This is enough to achieve a strong and lasting effect, and the colagen levels in your skeleton and cartilage reach the level you have between 23-26. five years old.
    After just one month of taking Product, it becomes easier to walk and move that you used to have trouble with. If you suffer from joint pain, Product and its anti-inflammatory ingredients will help you forget them in just 1-2 weeks.

5. Comment:

  • Natalia
    Thanks for advices. I bought Product on your recommendation, for 2 therapies. That’s right, the weather now has less of an effect on my joints and now I can bend my knees quickly. I used to order regular animal collagen, but it didn’t work.
  • Sergey
    What if I’m 25 years old but my ankle still hurts after an injury? I’ve been taking chondroprotectants, but their effects don’t last long and I have to keep taking them. I want to try marine collagen, but I don’t know if it will work in my case or not.
  • Gaber
    At your age, Product is just what you need! You will recover in a month. As a football coach, I couldn’t agree more with the author. In addition, the eight players I coached were knee-jerk with Product. Some are even younger than you.
  • Stefan
    Marine colagen has the ability to work. if you don’t eat mess with food and therefore don’t put weight to 100 kg and if you are not hungry after becoming a professional athlete.
  • Gregor
    I totally agree about overeating 🙂 My ex has lost 90 kg and wonder why she can barely walk… She is on some medication and thinks they will effective.
  • Ibrahim
    As an old man, I can confirm to you that Product really works! I started using it, but now I can hold her in my arms and help my daughter get the stroller upstairs.

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