Celulhoute (AR) – The best anti-cellulite cream


Celulhoute – Anti-cellulite completely safe and hypoallergenic.

  • Accelerates the regeneration and healing of tissues.
  • Stimulates skin rejuvenation and thickens the epidermis.
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Reduces loss of skin moisture, restores skin’s protective properties.
  • Use for all ages.

Price: 3900 ARS

1. Celulhoute sunscreen contains 100% highly effective natural ingredients:

  • Quinoa Seed Extract: It fights blemishes on the skin, stimulates collagen production, prevents premature aging, rejuvenates the skin and improves the appearance. Protects skin from sun damage and reduces signs of premature aging.
  • Asian Spark: It has anti-cellulite effect, supports cell renewal, collagen synthesis, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Replenishes skin and normalizes body water balance, eliminates excess fluid problem.
  • L-carnitine: It has anti-edema and protective properties, improves capillary walls and blood circulation. Strengthens capillary walls and veins, stimulates collagen synthesis, leads to the elimination of toxins that accumulate in tissues by removing excess fluid from the body.
  • Guarana Extract: It unifies the skin, reduces cellulite and stretch marks, activates lipid metabolism, restores the metabolism of the skin’s protective layer and maintains moisture. Begins cell renewal, nourishes and hydrates the skin.

2. SPECIALISTS – Cosmetologist, Diana Alcázar, Barcelona

  • Cellulhoute Anti-Cellulite Cream is truly a unique product for cellulite removal. Small nodules completely disappear after a week, while large nodules are almost invisible.
  • We have performed a trial with 50 patients from our clinic and they are all satisfied with the results. 95% of the participants no longer had severe cellulite only one month after using the regular anti-cellulite cream Celulhoutte.
  • This product is absolutely safe and certified. Celulhoute anti-cellulite cream contains 100% natural ingredients and is suitable for anyone, regardless of age.
  • Our clinic recently turned down expensive cellulite treatments and switched to a simple, painless and affordable Celulhoute anti-cellulite cream.

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