Cellulflex (BA) – Helps skin stay healthy and smooth


Cellulflex reduces the appearance of cellulite.


  • The weak capillary network then develops varicose veins.
  • Poor blood circulation leads to heart and blood vessel disease.
  • It causes the body to be poisoned by accumulating harmful substances in the tissues and causing cancer.

Price: 55 KM


Mirela Nisic, Women’s Health Specialist:

  • Few people can imagine that cellulite is not only a cosmetic defect, but also a dangerous disease. Without modern therapy, this pathology can lead to irreversible consequences.
  • Gynoid lipodystrophy is the professional name for cellulite. It is actually a degeneration of adipose tissue caused by stagnation.
  • When the accumulated fat begins to retain moisture, swelling occurs. It presses on connective tissue. To protect from the constant effects of swelling, start to increase the production of protein – collagen. The protein penetrates the fat with thick fibers as it tries to reduce the pressure and form abnormalities in the skin’s surface.
  • According to statistics, cellulite occurs in 85% of women of all ages and the body mass index. It cannot be eliminated completely, but it is not invincible.
  • I recommend CELLULFLEX to my clients. This gel reduces the appearance of cellulite and also impacts its cause. From the first days of application, blood circulation and lymphatic swelling are improved. Reduced swelling on its own leads to a decrease in body volume. And at the end of the treatment, CELLULFLEX will restore the skin tone to its original state and keep the skin healthy, smooth and seductive.

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