Cappuccino Fit (SG) – Cocktails weight loss


The main ingredient of Cappuccino Fit cocktail is Criollo cocoa beans

  • These cocoa beans grow in Brazil.
  • The fruits grow on the tree trunks and are cut by experienced collectors with machetes.
  • After that, the beans are dried in the sun.
  • This causes the product to shrink to half of its original size and maintains all the healthy benefits.

Price: 1.599 PHP

1. Criollo type cocoa beans:

  • Antioxidant content is 37% higher.
  • Contains unique flavonoids.
  • Increased amount of magnesium and arginine.
  • Contains 44% more vitamins.

2. Secrets of Cappuccino Fit

  • Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that are contained in cocoa beans.
  • They regulate appetite and promote the process of burning fat tissue, thereby increasing fat reduction by 65%.

3. Take care of your body

Cappuccino Fit has a positive impact on health and well-being, thanks to 18 unique amino acids and 21 vitamins contained in the cocktails.

  • Improve your digestion: For digestive problems, excess food is stored in the form of fat. The bioactive elements in the Cappuccino Fit will restore the bowel flora and improve your digestion.
  • Normalize metabolism: Cappuccino Fit replaces minerals we lose, such as iron, zinc and magnesium. Disadvantages of mineral loss are related to increased appetite and metabolic disorders.
  • Good mood and strong body resilience: Complex vitamins provide good nourishment to nerve cells and also strengthen the immune system.

4. Natural content

Due to careful selection, all components improve the usefulness of each other. Slimming has become delicious, fast and safe.

  • Cocoa without fat: The antioxidants and tannins contained in cocoa break down fat cells and remove them from the body without pain.
  • Whey protein: It is a form of pure protein that has regenerative and stimulating properties.
  • Isolation of proteins: It serves as a catalyst during complex chemical reactions. It also helps to restore and accelerate metabolism.
  • Peptide: Proactive natural proteins that suppress appetite.

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