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Bowtrol – All-Natural Healthy Colon Control

Use Bowtrol:

  • Replenish your Good Bacteria
  •  Protect against occasional digestive upsets
  •  Restore your natural digestive balance
  •  Support a healthy immune system
  •  Help improve lactose intolerance

1. You don’t have to feel that way any more when use Bowtrol

  • Bowtrol Colon Health Support was developed for people with sensitive digestion, particularly a sensitive colon. Product’s all-natural formula helps calm and relax the digestive tract, eliminating feelings of urgency and diarrhea or constipation.

2. It’s time to do something when …

  • You feel like you always need to know where the nearest bathroom is just in case.
  • You occasionally miss work because of your sensitive digestion.
  • You sometimes avoid recreational activities or turn down social invitations.
  • You feel irritable and out of sorts when your digestion isn’t working perfectly.
  • You feel like you must be extremely careful about what you eat.

3. Tired of living with a “sensitive” gut?

  • Having sensitive digestion, particularly a sensitive colon, can have a big impact on your day-to-day life. People with “iron stomachs” simply don’t understand how much it can affect everything you do.
  • When you have a sensitive digestive system, problems can be triggered by stress, certain foods, or caffeinated or carbonated beverages. Sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be any trigger at all. Before you know it, though, you’re rearranging your whole life to accommodate it.

4. Read what customers are saying …

  • Terresa: “I still don’t believe it! All these stressful years of bowel problems have come to an end in just a few short days.”
  • Nick: “I am now taking Bowtrol for a month and never felt better!”
  • Tabitha: “Thanks to your amazing colon cleansing product I no longer have a problem with my bowels.”
  • Kelly: “Since using your product I no longer have constipation issues and I feel so much healthier.”

5. Insluded in your offer today!

  • You’ll become a part of our weight management club.
  • When you order your first shipment of Bowtrol Cleanse, you’ll be automatically signed up to get Free membership access to our results-based online fitness program. This information is exclusively for Bowtrol Cleanse members, and is not available to the general public. Combined with a sensible food program, exercise routine, and drinking plenty of water, the ingredients in Bowtrol Cleanse will help you to regain your slim body easier and faster.
  • As soon as you receive your first order, be sure to check out our Health Resource Center on line. The suggestions given there will help ensure your success. You’ll find customized exercise programs, diet plans, fitness tracking systems, and much more. Your Bowtrol Cleanse Program gives you a fast and effective weight management system. Place your order now to start re-discovering the real you.

6. Plus, you’ll also receive these two free gifts with your order:

  • SPECIAL E-BOOK “71 WEIGHT LOSS TIPS”: Even if you’ve struggled to lose weight; even if you have stubborn fat deposits that simply won’t budge; even if you’ve almost given up, you’ll find these proven techniques opening your mind to a whole new weight freedom. You’ll wonder why no one ever told you before.
  • SPECIAL MP3 “WEIGHT LOSS VIZUALIZATION AUDIO”: Relax and listen to the soothing sounds of gentle water, with subliminal suggestions by a skilled Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. These powerful messages will help your self-image and inspire you to continue on your path. You’ll be re-programming your sub-conscious mind to see your self slim again.

7. It is possible to maintain the stomach in the most healthy state.

  • Please pay attention to hygiene, food
    Experts remind you to pay attention to food hygiene and safety, body hygiene, and washing hands before eating. Fresh fruit must be washed to avoid food poisoning, bacteria ingestion. Absolutely avoid eating rancid, moldy food.
    Always remember, the stomach likes what is warm and hates what is cold. Therefore, experts recommend that you do not eat foods that are cold (frozen) or foods that are cold, so you should limit eating too much.
    Those who are interested in protecting the stomach, or have stomach diseases, do not forget that bread is your close “companion”.
  • Drink water properly
    Everyone drinks water, but not everyone knows how to drink it properly. If you want to protect your stomach, you need to pay more attention to drinking water properly and healthy.
    Experts recommend that you drink at least a glass of warm water or more every morning after waking up to cleanse the intestines.
    At about 10 o’clock, you continue to drink water. Then drink one more time before lunch. In the afternoon, you remember to drink water at 3 o’clock, then you continue to drink before dinner. If you don’t like drinking water at this time, you can eat soup instead.
    Everyone’s water needs are different, but usually you should note that you should drink water every 2 hours. It is best not to drink after 9:30 pm to avoid eye swelling the next morning.
  • Eat slowly, chew well
    The stomach is a digestive organ whose main function is to grind food, convert nutrients in food into the body through other supporting parts of the digestive system.
    When food is put into the stomach, will stay for a long time to digest, the raw food will be “molded” continuously to become as small as possible. Eating slowly, chewing thoroughly right from the mouth will help reduce the burden on the stomach, without having to work too hard.
  • Always keep your belly warm
    Regardless of the weather conditions, you should pay attention to keep the abdomen warm. Especially in the summer, many people feel a little hot and immediately take off their clothes or wear clothes when sleeping. This is something to avoid because it will cause a cold stomach without you knowing it.
    When the temperature of the day has a big difference between day and night, people with chronic gastritis need to pay special attention, wear clothes that cover the abdomen, cover the abdomen with blankets to avoid making the stomach cold. , causing pain or making it worse.
  • Stay in a good mood
    Almost everyone knows that, when the mood is sad, depressed or in a negative state, it will cause loss of appetite or erratic eating, loss of appetite, indigestion…
    Experts point out that mood always has a great influence on the stomach, duodenum, and vessels. Therefore, the best way is to always maintain a happy, cheerful, and peaceful mood.
  • Reasonable exercise
    Exercise is very important to keep your body healthy. However, the stomach always wants you to pay attention to the right time to practice.
    In order for the stomach to “disengage” to work normally, you should not exercise within 1 hour after meals. It is best to rest for 30-60 minutes after a meal so that the stomach can work in the most comfortable position.
    At the same time, after eating, you should not go to bed immediately, because when you sleep, the food will stay in the stomach for too long, affecting the digestive function.

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