Blood Balance (CA) – Manage Your Blood Pressure

Blood Balance – Melt away excess pounds, fast. Safely & naturally.

  • Regulates Blood Pressure.
  • Balances Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol (LDL).
  • Increases Good Cholesterol (HDL).
  • Reverses Insulin Resistance.

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1. Introducing Guardian Blood Balance

  • The Guardian Blood Balance is a never before seen revolutionary formula to manage blood pressure and blood sugar levels better than any other product in the marketplace. Simply put, you will never see another product like this out there.
  • We’ve sourced the most rare 100% natural ingredients that have been scientifically PROVEN to manage high blood pressure and promote overall healthy blood levels, and combined them into a breakthrough formula that is now going viral.

2. Do You Suffer From Any of The Following Symptoms?

  • Have you been diagnosed with a heart problem?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?
  • Do you suffer from high blood pressure & blood sugar?
  • Are you overweight for your age & body type?

If you answered “YES”to any of these questions! Guardian Blood Balance Can Reduce Your Blood Pressure & Help You Lose Excess Weight Fast & Effectively!

3. Benefits of Guardian Blood Balance

When you start taking the product right now, here are some of the incredible benefits you’ll start experiencing right away…

  • Reduces Blood Pressure: The product uses an exclusive blend of the world’s most exclusive ingredients that are clinically proven to lower high bloodpressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Increase Good Cholesterol: In order keep your blood levels healthy and sustain, we made sure to include important ingredients that promote good cholesterol (HDL Cholesterol) so you can constantly keep your bloodpressure levels in a healthy state.
  • Regulates Blood Sugar: The Product is by far the absolute best formula for controlling blood sugar and reducing the risk of Type 2 Diabete better than anything else in the market utilizing the specific combination of ingredients and herbs inside this cutting edge formula.
  • Reverses Insulin Resistance: The main cause of Type 2 Diabete is becoming insulin resistance. The Product combats insulin resistance in a way no other product has done in the industry.
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol: The clinically proven natural ingredients inside the Product have been shown to lower bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) without the nasty side effects you see with statins.
  • Supports Weight Loss: On top of the blood health benefits of the Product, it also promotes healthy weight loss by boosting your natural fat burning metabolism so you can be confident that you’ll live a longer healthier life without weight issues.

4. Powerful Ingredients of product

  • White Mulberry Leaf: Shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and decreases high blood sugar levels
  • Juniper Berry: Controls inflammation levels and promotes weight loss
  • Biotin + Chromium: Lowers high bloodpressure levels and increases natural energy levels
  • Berberine Extract: Lowers cholesterol levels and reduces excessive glucose production in the liver
  • Bitter Melon: Lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol
  • Cinnamon Bark Powder: Controls insulin levels and helps with insulin resistance

5. These were my results – Down 55 points in just 1 month:

    * Week 1

  • After 7 days on the Shark Tank Miracle Product Supplements, I was in awe by how quick and dramatic the effects were. My spirits were up and I wasn’t as hungry as usual. The appetite suppression was a welcomed side effect of Product Advanced Formula. I felt phenomenal and best part of all was that I didn’t change a single thing about my daily routine or diet. Still no gym for me!
  • Over the past 7 days I had started to notice that my blood sugar levels seemed lower by about 8 points than what they should have been. I was blown away but didn’t want to get too excited this early on. I also stepped on the electronic scale and used a caliper to find out my body fat. I had to double check because I couldn’t believe it–I had lost 2 pounds of fat in my first week! Not a bad “side effect” if you ask me!
  • But I was still very skeptical! I wanted to see what happened over the next few weeks before jumping to any conclusions.

    * Week 2

  • After 14 days of using Product Advanced Formula I clearly had more energy and focus than ever before. My average blood sugar level throught the day was down 20 points to an avg. 140mg/dl.
  • The detoxifying components helped me sleep the entire night, every night – I kid you not – I this I was even burning fat in my sleep.
  • I lost another 2 pounds of belly fat, something my husband obviously loved. After just 14 days, I felt very confident that this product is the real deal.

    * Week 3

  • After 21 days, all my doubts were gone and I was officially a believer! I was down another 20 points! My blood sugar level 2 hours after eating is now down to 130 mg/dl, and I still have more bounce in my step.
  • My apartment is immaculate from all the cleaning I’ve been doing. In the past, I’d begin to run out of steam, but with Product Advanced Formula my energy levels didn’t dip and were consistent throughout the day.

    * Week 4

  • After the fourth week, my final results were incredible. Look at the new me! I’m down 55 points bringing my average blood sugar lever for the day to 123 MG/DL!
  • I also somehow managed to lose an unbelievable 7 pounds since I started using Product Advanced Formula! Using the ProductAdvanced Formula in week 4, has completely changed my life.

5. Real People. Real Results.

  • Heather, NY: “I started taking Product about 30 days ago. My blood pressure has not only been stable but also in the perfect range after almost 1 year. My last reading was 120/78, whereas prior to supplementation it was 140 – 160 over 90.”
  • Chris A, FL: One solution for a wide range of health concerns! “Product helps you control blood sugar and blood pressure while also keeping your weight in check, all at once. My wife and I have been using this product for over 3 months and can’t recommend it enough. ”
  • Rebecaa S, TX: All natural solution for hypertension. “What makes Product the best product out there is its all-natural ingredient matrix. You can take the supplement with complete confidence, knowing it is free from any harmful fillers, synthetics or chemicals.”

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