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Biohira (AE) – Helps completely renew hair in 28 days


Biohira – Get thick and bouncy hair.

  • Stop hair loss.
  • Wake up dead hair follicles.
  • Prevent hair loss.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Men’s hair loss is caused by:
    + Genetics.
    + Endocrine.
    + Unbalanced.
    + Stress.
    + Obstruction of hair follicles.
    + Effects of toxic agents.

Price: 299 AED

1. What does Biohira do and why is it better than anything else

  • How Biohira helps to improve hair growth in areas with very thin and dense hair, while creating a barrier against skin damage.
  • Activates dormant hair follicles at the microcellular level, activating them from within thanks to a specially selected set of nutrients.
  • Prevents more hair loss, strengthens and regenerates hair follicles. Creates a protective layer on the skin from the effects of negative environmental factors.

2. Biohira contains the strongest ingredients for strong hair

  • Biotin
    Stimulates natural collagen production, prolongs cell life, accelerates hair growth, gives hair shine, strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss.
  • Keratin
    Fills hair structure, strengthens and prevents hair breakage and cracking
  • Black cumin oil, sesame oil, apricot kernel oil, clove oil
    It improves blood circulation in the scalp and brings the hair follicles from a resting state to a rapid growth process
  • Avocado oil, olive oil and coconut oil
    It has an antibacterial effect and improves the natural microflora of the scalp. This restores the natural pH and prevents hair loss.

3. Expert Opinion – Jamal Selim, Poetry Professor

  • Anyone can suffer from hair loss problems, regardless of gender. The current state in the environment, constant work and an unbalanced diet aggravates the condition of the scalp and hair.
  • As a result, hair falls out, loses strength and volume, cracks, breaks, and falls out. As a hair specialist, over the years I have tried many tools that can help patients at home strengthen their hair, maintain its beauty, and improve its structure.
  • No Hair Loss Serum is a real find! The natural ingredients in its formula effectively restore split ends, brittle and damaged hair. Clinical trials have proven its effectiveness against baldness and hair loss.

4. User rating

  • Hani, 37 years old
    I saw results after two weeks! Before using this serum, I did a very thorough check of the scalp, sides of the head and scalp… On the 7th or 8th day of application, I started to notice small, thin and dark hairs. color… I didn’t notice it from afar, but I discovered that new hairs are starting to grow! Who thinks that the claim that hair loss is irreversible is not true. I did not notice any negative effects.
  • Khalifa, 52 years old
    When I was 35 years old, my first bald spots appeared. I accidentally received a hair growth serum – “Biohira” and decided to save the hair that was still there. After 4 months, my friends noticed that my hair grew in many places with only dark patches. Although I don’t really believe in it, I have started using it on a daily basis. After a year, my hair became thicker. I saved my hair thanks to the people who developed this product! amazing!
  • Sameer, 40 years old
    The first thing I want to emphasize is efficiency. Hair in bald areas grows more dense and dense. Second, the controversy has stopped altogether. Third, thinner hair was much stronger. Within a month, I regained my confidence and good looks. Okay. Thank you!

5. I have found the solution for the bald husband!

  • Hi guys!
    I want to tell you how I saved my husband from baldness and his short hair growth!
    My husband, in his early years, had amazingly thick hair, plus a muscular body, very attractive looking and the envy of everyone. Hussam’s hair was so long that it was tied up and was different from his peers who cut it short. That’s what made me fall in love with him at first sight…
  • However, after the age of 30, Hossam began to go bald rapidly. Many factors we all know like age, stress etc., adult life as you know… His hair falls out a lot and I can see it in the hairs falling on the pillow every morning! A noticeable bald spot appeared on the top of his head as he approached his thirty-fifth birthday.
    Do you think he cares or feels a little sad about it? Absolutely, he thinks it’s normal and okay, he doesn’t even want to cut it. He covered her long hair and went to work! His appearance is so messed up.
    By the way, he is a clerk in a grocery store, in other words, he is a store! Would you like to buy anything from a man with curly hair like my husband?
  • Now, imagine what my life with him would be like, I avoid him all the time. I started to shy away from going out with him. When visiting a friend, or hanging out in a coffee shop, I wear the clothes of a man with his curly hair, his hair. ponytail and a bald spot on the back of her head… Shame! It’s enough for me to long for a divorce, but it’s tough when you have two kids.
    I asked Hossam to see an endocrinologist or a trichologan specialist in tears. Who knows, maybe some hormone or vitamin deficiency… At least, he could buy burdock oil or put on a hair mask, but he didn’t heed my words and was saying – that these are ridiculous things, they are not for men… I suggested to him one day Go transplant some hairs into the bald spot, we will not care about money to have good looks, money can make up for it. can cover. But Hossam gestured with one finger of madness.
    That’s when I decided to do my best to get my husband’s hair back! After searching through thousands of websites, I found Biohira serum reviews. I had to take action to get him to take it, so I put the box on the table and ordered him to use it (in a firm tone).
  • The serum is called Biohira and I bought it directly from the manufacturer. No issues with delivery – delivered on time.
    Their website states that Biohira contains a powerful natural complex of hair growth stimulants. I’m no expert in this or anything else, but the ingredients are patented, and that’s enough for me to trust the product. My husband Jamal wasn’t particularly excited to try it out, but he agreed to let me massage some serum into his scalp 3-4 times a week. In this way, we have transformed a healthy process into a passionate one.
    I work outside! We used this serum for about a month and then noticed new patches of hair instead of bald patches on the head. After two weeks, the new patches turn into natural black hair. Then, starting to curl and sag, Hugh finally got the right mindset and got a standard male hairstyle. He looks like a different person! And it’s not unusual for bald spots to grow in the place of new hair.
  • One day, Hossam asked me while we were having breakfast:
    Rasha, why didn’t we learn about Biohira sooner?
  • You mean this is my fault?
  • My husband doesn’t even argue with me about it anymore, on the contrary, he’s as happy as a kid! He asked me to order more bottles. Maybe a miracle will happen and Hussam’s hair will be back to the way it was before, thick and shoulder length back.
    But Hussam has had a long journey to get it back. After about 4 months of trying Biohira serum, my husband started to change his hairstyle to accommodate new events. You have to agree with me on how handsome he is!
  • Sometimes, I also use this serum. It is a nice one!
  • As you can see, the serum is universal and suitable for both sexes. If you want to maintain your attractive look for longer, this product is made for you! Good price! Especially if you buy it during the sale period where you can save 50% of the price.

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