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Bio Slender (PE) – Lose weight with a fat burner!


Burn your fat and increase your metabolism with Bio Slender.

  • Bio Slender is a supplement in capsule form.
  • Its main ingredients are Chinese camellia and Garcinia orange blossom. They have been used for centuries as an appetite suppressant and digestive aid.
  • The capsule also contains 5-HTP, green tea, guarana and ginger to boost energy and stimulate serotonin production.
  • Clinical studies show that people can lose 2-3 times more weight by taking Bio Slender capsules.

Price: 150 PEN

1. How does Bio Slender work?

  • Speed ​​up metabolism
    Garcinia cambogia contained in Bio Slender activates the metabolism and prevents the conversion of consumed carbohydrates and sugars into stored fat.
  • Burn accumulated fat
    Fat accumulates in problem areas: waist, thighs, arms. Bio Slender’s bioactive formula converts stored fat into useful energy and prevents the formation of new deposits.
  • Reduce your cravings
    By increasing serotonin levels in your brain, Bio Slender improves your mood, which is a key factor in reducing emotional eating.
  • Bio Slender’s bioactive formula improves fat oxidation, preventing the conversion of consumed carbohydrates into excess fat.
    Chinese camellia and garcinia cambogia suppress appetite naturally, prevent compulsive overeating and increase appetite control.
    5-HTP reduces anxiety and stimulates serotonin production, increasing mood and reducing stress.

2. Opinions of our clients

  • David, Tacna
    Incredible results!
    “Losing weight has been a constant battle in my life, and I have learned to be open to new products and give them a try. I have tried the free sample of Bio Slender and it has helped me lose the weight that I had been gradually gaining in a period of 20 years. Thank you!”
  • Sandra, Lime
    “I put on too many pounds during my pregnancy and it was almost impossible to get rid of them with exercise alone. I tried Bio Slender weight loss capsules and I have already lost a few pounds even though it’s only been a week!”
  • Laura, Cuzco
    “My friend told me about this product and I liked the ability to order a free sample bottle before buying it. It only took a few days for it to show up on my doorstep!”
  • Robert, Arequipa
    “It wasn’t the first weight loss product I tried, but nothing had helped me lose fat. Bio Slender was the winner, as in just 3 weeks I lost 4.5 kg! I still have a lot to do, but it’s definitely working.”
  • Carolina, Trujillo
    “I am impressed with the results I have achieved with Bio Slender! I have lost 7 kg. This product has exceeded my expectations and I am now confident in myself, both when I am dressed and when I am not dressed.”
  • Elena, Chiclayo
    “I’m excited to try Bio Slender because I’ve heard really good things about it. I’ll update you on my progress in a couple of weeks.”

3. Five tips for a slim and fit figure

  • Mandatory physical activity
    You can work out in the gym or just warm up in the morning.
    Move more: Skip the elevator, walk to work, ride a scooter or bike, take a pool or dance class.
  • Nutrition is good for health
    A calorie deficit is essential for weight loss.
    The most effective way to do this is to avoid sweets, cakes, fast foods, ready meals, and semi-finished meals.
    Add more vegetables, fruits, lean meats and fish to your diet.
  • Sweet Dreams
    Science has proven that even lack of sleep increases cravings and leads to weight gain.
    An adult needs at least 8 hours of sleep every day.
    To speed up weight loss, replace your afternoon snack with a fat-burning drink that boosts metabolism and breaks down body fat.
  • Proper drinking regimen
    Maintaining water balance is an important part of effective weight loss.
    Generally, an adult should drink at least 30-35 ml of purified water per 1 kg of body weight.
    This will reduce the amount of water bound and reduce the risk of developing edema.
  • Nutritional and vitamin supplements
    To replenish the lack of vitamins and nutrients, as well as accelerate weight loss, you need special nutritional supplements.
    They increase metabolism and energy levels and reduce stress. The main thing is to choose the right one and take a safe supplement.
    My vision for life is a world where there are no overweight people.
  • A world where everyone has a beautiful, slim and fit body, and to maintain it, no special effort is required.
    I know how hard it is to live in a body that you don’t like.
    It breaks my heart to see women unhappy with their reflection in the mirror.
    The women try very hard to have an ideal body and will be very sad when they see the sides of their belly bulging and the fat on their belly.
    To the women who can’t wear tight clothes because of those ridiculous folds and who are embarrassed to step on the scale in front of strangers.
  • So I set out for myself an effective product for fast and safe weight loss.
    As a result of years of research, I have found an effective combination of Chinese Camellia, Garcinia Cambogia, 5-HTP, Green Tea, Guarana and Ginger.
    This is a completely safe formula that helps to lose weight quickly with fixed results, improve the general condition of the body and increase the level of energy and vitality.

4. The effectiveness of Product is due to the active ingredients

  • These substances speed up metabolism and break down accumulated fats and nutrients from food.
  • This ensures safe and fast weight loss without any effort on your part.
  • Product is a real find for those who are desperate to lose weight.
  • The drink contains a daily dose of all the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to function properly.
  • I know very well how many people around the world are unsuccessfully struggling with being overweight and trying to maintain a slim and fit body with all their might.
  • So he couldn’t ignore this problem with an effective and simple solution at hand.
  • Together with some friends who own a small supplement factory, we started producing a new weight loss product.
  • This allows us to make our products available to everyone!
  • It is completely safe, because for its preparation we use only high-quality concentrated natural ingredients.
  • The balanced formula, precisely calculated with active ingredients, helps fight excess weight and does not cause “cancellation” syndrome (when the weight returns after stopping taking the supplement).
  • Product comes in convenient capsule form. Each capsule contains a maximum concentration of natural plant extracts.
  • Take the capsule twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, before meals.
  • Product are manufactured on equipment that has been certified to all quality standards.
  • Product does not contain harmful and aggressive ingredients of synthetic origin or GMOs.
  • Product is a revolutionary product in the method of weight loss.
  • It has no contraindications or side effects and can be used regardless of health condition and desired outcome.
  • Product is equally effective to lose 2-3 kg and lose 20 kg or more.

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