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Bendax (CO) – Burn fat thanks to spirulina algae


Bendax – Alternative to diet and exercise.

  • In October 2015, the results of a scientific study of Bendax were published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity. Research conducted by scientists has revealed the following effects of microcrystalline cellulose:
  • First, it converts glucose and body fat into energy.
  • Second, it prevents the absorption and thus, accumulation of body fat. Twelve weeks of clinical studies showed the following results:
    * Average weight loss of 10% (7.25 kg).
    * An average of 16% reduction in body fat.
    *Participants (men and women) took Bendax 2 times a day for 1 month. No side effects have been identified.

Price: 129000 COP

1. The effect of Bendax

  • 100% organic products
  • Spirulina is the most powerful fat burner
  • Activation of metabolism
  • Control your appetite
  • No need to restrict meals
  • Natural complex: spirulina + stevia + vitamin C
    + Reduce body fat
    + Removes cellulite and stretch marks
    + Cleans and evens skin tone
    + Has comprehensive anti-oxidant effect
    + Regulate blood sugar and circulation
  • Bendax is certainly a groundbreaking discovery in the field of nutrition. Bendax breaks down fat accumulation and prevents excess carbohydrates from accumulating in your waistline. The natural formula of spirulina, stevia and vitamin C suppresses appetite naturally and helps prevent overeating.

2. Read the story of María Zabala Serrano

  • María Zabala Serrano, who has lost 26 kg, said: “I am very grateful to all the people who called me fat and treated me. Without you, I would still be the same.” I tried many different diets to get a perfect body, but the most effective turned out to be a very simple method. Maria gave us the details of the method to gain more kilos that never came back Here is his fascinating story…
  • I’ve never been a skinny girl, but the extra pounds aren’t a specific reason to be self-conscious about it. After meeting my future husband Pablo, I started eating more than before and only regained consciousness when I really gained weight.
  • When I met Pablo, I started eating more than before and only regained consciousness when I really gained weight.
    Pablo and I have been together for over 7 years and during this time we have two children. But until recently, as they say now, we had a part-time marriage. Pablo lives in his apartment, works a lot, and sometimes comes to see me. Then he left again.
  • Since the beginning of our relationship, I’ve continued to wait for him to ask me to marry him. That is my dream!
  • When will he ask to marry me?
    That is my dream!
    After my first pregnancy, I thought we would definitely get married, but I was wrong. Pablo kept visiting me, while I continued to wait for him…
    When our eldest son was born, Pablo and I were very happy. He started taking care of us and helping us with everything. I feel how much he loves us, but with a special love.
    When our son turned 2 years old, we decided to go on vacation together for 2 weeks. Sea, sun and beach. I miss the holidays!
    A good hotel in Egypt with a beach just for us and all inclusive was the perfect choice for us.
    While we were on the beach, I suddenly noticed that Pablo was constantly looking at a girl. I didn’t say anything, but simply decided to keep watching him. At first, I thought he fell in love at first sight, but after a while he changed the object of his attention and started looking at other girls, then other people, and more!
    I was so angry! It seems that me and my son do not exist for it.
  • Turns out he likes skinny girls!
    I never wanted to sound like a jealous fool, so after I calmed down a bit, I started analyzing the situation and quickly realized that all the girls he’d been stalking for the past few days. They all have one thing in common – they’re both twice as skinny as me! He finally wakes up – he likes skinny girls! Maybe that’s why he behaves this way in our relationship?
    Those thoughts didn’t calm me down, so he fed me to make me feel better. I ate there for 2 weeks, triple what I normally eat.
    Returning from vacation, I pondered and stunned. I came back from sunny Egypt with a nice tan and weighed over 9.5kg. It almost gave me a mental breakdown.
    I started searching the internet for some methods to lose weight and a few weeks later I realized that I was pregnant for the second time! Vacation has been fruitful in the truest sense of the word. Apparently in that state I couldn’t lose weight…
  • I kept thinking that Pablo didn’t like me as a woman
    She kept thinking that Pablo didn’t like her as a woman. She is even willing to have an abortion. I’m glad Pablo forbade me to think about it.
    That’s how we had our second child. And everything is back to the way it was. Pablo surrounded us with his love, care, and care, but only during the hours he was with us. There’s not a single thing in my apartment that belongs to him, except a toothbrush. To avoid thinking about all that, I spend all my time with the kids.
    After I stopped breastfeeding, I felt the thought of losing weight come back to me every day. I can’t forget those vacations watching how Pablo couldn’t take his eyes off those skinny girls, while our relationship remained the same. At that time, I weighed 88kg that obnoxious.
  • At that time, I weighed 88kg that obnoxious. And finally I decided to lose weight!
    And I finally decided to lose weight! I tried everything: about 10 diets, all kinds of workouts, hot wraps, saunas, special massages, etc. All of that either doesn’t help at all, or only helps temporarily. As soon as those extra pounds were gone, they were back in the blink of an eye.
    One day, in the supermarket, in the bakery, I ran into Laura, a girl I met in the hospital when I gave birth to my second child. I barely recognized her – she was almost twice my size, but when I saw her she was 3 times thinner than she was after giving birth!!!
    Amazing! – I exclaim excitedly instead of greeting. – I can’t believe it when I look at you! Laura, is that really you?
    I’ve lost a bit of weight, haven’t I? – she asked smiling, buying cake.
    And on top of that you eat sweets?! How do you do it? How??? I tried sports, diets and all kinds of saunas. You don’t know all the useless things I’ve tried! I lose at most 3 kg per week, but then I gain 7 just like that! – I said almost shouting. I remember that moment because people started turning their heads towards me.
    Maria, what diet and sauna are you talking about? Anyway, I know what you have to do. We come to my house for coffee while my husband is at work and my son is at daycare. Me – with the cakes, and you – too, – said Laura with narrowed eyes, – and I will tell you and I will show you everything, and I will even let you taste.
    Maria, what diet and sauna are you talking about?
    I was very interested and agreed immediately. Moreover, the next day Pablo went on a business trip for two weeks, so he spent the previous day with his children. And I can relax a little.
    Laura lost 33 kg in 3 and a half months after stopping breastfeeding. He’s not on a diet, he’s not hungry, and he doesn’t go to the gym. He leads a normal lifestyle and eats whatever he wants.
    Her body became thin like a young girl. As strange as it may sound, such a sudden weight loss did not leave a stretch mark on her skin. Back then, I thought my Pablo would love her.
    I experienced extremely strong emotions after finding out how easily she lost weight. Moreover, anyone can lose weight simply and safely. Your weight loss recipe blew me away!
    I remember very clearly what I had to go through when trying to lose weight. That’s hell! I remember the depression I got into after going on a diet, the way we argued with Pablo constantly, I remember how I wanted to send everything to hell and start eating nonstop. And he hates me for it.
    I even feel a little bad about the fact that I went through all of that and it was all in vain, because after all, I should have started losing weight completely differently. But I’m not too upset because I know exactly what to do.
  • Now, listen carefully to what Laura told me!
    Spirulina is the most powerful fat burning product. Once inside the body, it removes everything unnecessary, including subcutaneous fat, due to its spongy structure and directly affects metabolism. Thanks to spirulina, metabolism is accelerated and additional kilos are quickly lost.
    In addition, spirulina binds toxins and removes them naturally through the intestinal tract. This is beneficial for skin, hair and general health.
    “Here’s my secret to slimming: Bendax capsules with spirulina!” Laura said, showing me a simple white box. With these capsules, you don’t have to go on a diet or spend time working out in the gym. You just need to use them 2 times a day and that’s it!

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