Amuletcard (TH) – Amulet to attract prosperity


Detail of Amuletcard’s golden leaf

  • Size 8*5 cm.
  • Gilded metal material.
  • A piece of paper the size of an ID card or ATM card, the leather surface has golden yin and yang patterns to pray for good omens.
  • Carrying it with you will improve your luck, have property, money, possessions, rich business, prosperous business.
  • Carry in your wallet: Increase fortune, trade wealth, business progress.

Price: 990 Baht

1. Money will find you

  • Each Card is stored in a spell for a single person. It will be held as a ceremony by the monks praying according to the name of each customer.
  • Whether the amulet works or not depends on your beliefs. It will bring health, wealth and prosperity to its owner.

2. How will your life change?

  • Tri-Thot, Bangkok: I never thought I’d be in trouble if I didn’t find a solution like this, it all started with the credit card. When my card debt grew out of control, I had a bad day not being able to pay it off. With the last remaining savings and then not so much hope left. but it’s so powerful I was lucky enough to get a new job with a high salary and pay off my card debt.
  • Rossarin, Phuket: Wow… Goosebumps! Money suddenly flowed like water and even I couldn’t believe it. I have been selling clothes online for many years. But I have never earned this much money, in 3 months I saved money to buy a car, from now on I will always carry this amulet with me and don’t tell anyone, this is a good secret.
  • Phakin, Chiang Mai City: I bought this amulet on March 12, 2017, and in the past time, a lot has changed. My husband completely quit gambling, went to monkhood and started a business, my job is getting better and better because of lack of money every day. Now I can still save enough money for family travel. Finally, the hard days are over, thank you very much.
  • Tossaphon Chanthaphan: Now that I own this card, I must say my life has been very difficult, but I have changed my mind and everything has been successful from hand to hand. wonder why we have so much progress in life, you can get both money and job and have a good chance to enter your dream life come true thanks to charms this amulet.
  • Mongkol Kitcha: This is a lucky card. Thep Cai Sing Yee gold leaf that’s like everything to me Buy back, I’m fed up with the work I have to do day and night and still don’t have enough to eat. Half a year later Thep Cai Sing Yee gold leaf I quit my job and started my own business. Just bought a new car of Ranger Rover brand Thank you very much

3. What to do with your dream?

  • You can have a perfectly good life without worrying about money, health, love or any other problem.
  • The world is really unfair, why do some people have everything from birth, on the other hand, some people have to spend every baht to make a living? You deserve to enjoy a meaningful life rather than live it to survive. The amulet will help you!
  • Do you still remember what your dream was? It’s a limited edition luxury supercar that you can’t buy in your lifetime. Or you want to take your family, children and parents on a trip to a foreign country like Europe, or you want to quit the job you hate so much without worrying about the salary? Really unfair, let’s make this dream come true today.
  • Order Amuletcard Now! Fill in the information in the sales site and we will create your own amulet within 3 days.

4. Story of a family:

  • Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I had a job as a general contractor. With an average income of 300 baht per day, but two months ago, when the epidemic broke out, no one had a job. While his wife is still carrying a liver disease that makes her health not good. Can’t work hard Have to stay at home to take care of the kids.
  • In addition to residential houses, electricity must be connected from neighboring houses. Because each month, you have to pay electricity bills to your neighbors about 100-300 baht, but when you have no work, you don’t have money to pay your neighbors’ electricity bills until the power is cut off. During the night, candles must be lit for light. To cook food, you must use a wood stove instead.
  • While the house is a layer of cement, rubber cloth and blankets must be used to block sunlight. and the wind replaces the roof of the house. Sometimes the whole family does not have rice to cook. until they had to ask for rice from their father’s house nearby to cook for them
  • One day, we had to bring rice to cook like boiled with salt so that our children could eat enough to avoid hunger. Today I want to have a job to help support my family. In addition, during this time the school is close to the beginning of the semester. So I want to earn money to send my children to school.
  • By chance, the benefactor came to visit our family and gave us cards. He said that carrying it will bring great luck. Surely many people have heard of this mascot for a long time, some believe it, some do not. News warned that it was a fake without consequences. But before, I didn’t believe and didn’t have the money to buy it. Now I decided to do everything he told me.
  • Every night before I go to bed, I hold cards in my hand and pray sincerely. Good luck. 2 weeks later, I found a new job with an income of 500-800 baht per day, I feel very lucky and very happy because of the Covid-19 epidemic. It caused many people in the village to lose their jobs. I don’t know what my family would be like if I hadn’t been introduced to them. Thep Cai Sing Yee gold leaf It is a lucky number, summons fortune, enhances health
  • In addition, many fruit workers also came to my house. Because there is a doctor who agrees to treat my wife for free. Her health is improving. I don’t know how to thank you enough. Now the family has enough to eat. I don’t have to beg for food anymore, after 6 months, I have saved money to send my children to school and repair the house. Everything that I was given came from playing cards. Thep Cai Sing Yee gold leaf I have contacted again the person who gave this precious gift, the cards, gold plate, Goddess Cai Xing Yee. That is one of the secrets that I want to share. I hope this amulet will help everyone with great luck. bring property into the house Find a solution during the covid crisis Good luck!

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